Retired Teacher Earns More Than Ever by Tutoring Online โ€“ Hereโ€™s How She Did It

May 22, 2024

Feeling trapped by the limitations of a traditional classroom?


Meet Gayle Lynch, a retired teacher who not only broke free but matched her income by turning to online tutoring working half the hours.


Since last September, Gayle has transformed her passion for teaching into a lucrative, flexible career that allows her to work half the hours for double the pay.


Discover how she conquered the challenges of self-marketing, built a thriving business, and found newfound joy and fulfillment—all while inspiring students and fellow educators along the way.


Dive into her story and see how you, too, can revolutionize your career and life.


Introduction and Personal Achievement


"I think my biggest win is matching my salary that I had as a teacher. I love that because I retired from the classroom in June. Thinking, okay, I can earn a little money by tutoring, but I need to earn enough. And so being able to do that in half the time, it's amazing to me," shares Gayle.


Gayle's sentiments resonate with many teachers contemplating a transition into tutoring. Her story is not just about financial achievement but also about the passion for teaching and making an impact, even after leaving the traditional classroom.


Meet Gayle Lynch: From Teacher to Tutor



Gayle recounts, "I retired in June of 2023 from teaching, and by September, I started tutoring online."


Gayle explains how she heard about online tutoring and thought, "Wow, that's pretty cool. I know how to teach, but I never thought I could make a business of it."


Her journey began with taking business courses online from a tutoring company and later crossing paths with one of my YouTube videos.


Gayle joined my Ultimate Support Group on Facebook for online tutors, then the Jumpstart program, followed by Insider's Secret 3.0 for Online Tutors, which she describes as "the penultimate."


These programs equipped her with the knowledge and confidence to take actionable steps that led to her current success.


Challenges and Successes in Online Tutoring


When asked about teaching reading online, Gayle reveals, "I discovered ways to engage kids that are far more entertaining than doing it face to face."


She discusses how online platforms have enabled her to hold up props and create interactive and engaging sessions for her students. This new mode of teaching has proven to be effective, convenient, and enriching for both her students and their parents.


Marketing and Mindset


Marketing was a significant challenge for Gayle. "My biggest thing that I got stuck on is learning how to market myself," she admits.


However, the structured approach of the Jumpstart program propelled her forward. She emphasizes the importance of courage and action, explaining how daunting tasks like hanging flyers became achievable through persistence and the right mindset.



Building Confidence and Taking Action


Gayle shares her initial reservations about marketing herself and how overcoming these obstacles led to building confidence in her abilities. "Gratitude, courage, and action" is the mantra she follows to stay motivated and focused.


Building a Sustainable Tutoring Business


Gayle currently tutors 22 hours a week, adhering to a strict schedule that allows her to maintain work-life balance. "I could take on more students, but what I have is the perfect amount for me," she says.


By implementing effective strategies and maintaining consistency, Gayle has built a sustainable business with a steady stream of clients.


The Power of Online Presence


Gayle's online presence, bolstered by quality content and engaging videos, has significantly contributed to her success. One parent mentioned, "I've already interviewed you through your website and decided I want you to work with my child."


This emphasizes the importance of having a strong online presence that reflects your expertise and passion.


Overcoming Self-Doubt and Finding Balance


Gayle's journey wasn't devoid of self-doubt, but her mantra—gratitude, courage, and action—kept her going. Her experience highlights the difference between resentment in a traditional job and the fulfillment found in pursuing one's passion.


Celebrating Student Success


Gayle proudly shares the progress of her students, with one parent celebrating that their child is now reading on grade level. "I'm taking your reading interventionist class and have been using some of the strategies. It's amazing to see the difference it makes," she adds.


Advice for New Tutors


Reflecting on her journey, Gayle advises new tutors to have faith, confidence, and take action despite their fears. "Have confidence; you can do it. Just keep going because it's going to happen."


To hear Gayle’s entire interview, listen to the Online Tutors Business Podcast.



Gayle’s story is truly inspiring, and we're grateful to have her as part of our community. For those of you looking to elevate your tutoring business, consider joining our Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass for online tutors.


And remember this…


You  play an impactful role as a tutor. Your dedication and passion can transform lives, one student at a time.


Stay inspired and keep pushing boundaries.

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