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Getting Online Tutoring Students Doesn't Have to Be so Hard

Yet, many tutors struggle with how to find tutoring students.

Do you wonder if because of Covid there are too many tutors out there and the market is saturated?  

You are not alone. 

But there is a solution and we can help you get found online and referred!


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Our Mission is to help tutors charge what they are worth and to stop competing,


so they can make a difference in their student's lives and  live their best life.


They Said Kid's Can't Learn as Well Online as In Person

Some people would call me pig headed because when I get an idea about something I will figure it out.  

In the beginning people told me that kids would never be able to read by using online methods.  I had people who were curious, but couldn't really see how it could happen.

I think that this is how all great ideas begin.  One person thinks it and then they put the pieces together.  

I was determined to not only find a way, but improve the results I was able to get.  

Today I not only help kids close the reading gap a full year with 8-12 hours of instruction, but I teach tutors how they can too.

I had no idea how many pieces I need to put together to make my business work, over time I not only figured it out, I made over half a million dollars doing what I love.  

Today I help tutors skip the roadblocks so they can jump into tutoring their students online.  

In fact, I have created the Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass that guides tutors step by step.  This program opens up only a few times a year as we guide groups of tutors on their journey to success.

Get on the Waiting List

I am calling time on tutors who think they need to charge less to get hired. 


That is ridiculous!!


Everyday I hear the frustration in tutors voices when they tell me how little other tutors are charging.  They say that in order to compete they have to charge less.

But what if the problem is not what others are charging?

What if the real problem is that many tutors start off where all the other tutors are.  

I am here to break the chain.


Let's begin creating a brand around our tutoring business like Starbucks and offer so much value to our clients that they are begging to pay us what we are worth.

You have spent years going to school, teaching in the classroom, tutoring kids in your spare time and even tutoring during the pandemic.  

Don't let others determine your worth.  

We believe that you can create an amazing brand and double your pay.  

In fact, Joanne, the founder of the Online Tutor Coach, has already doubled how much she charges.  She began at $40 an hour and has increased her rate to $100 an hour and you can can too.

After 2 years of tutoring and figuring things out the hard way, Joanne decided to not only tutor reading online, but also to help other tutors get success.


One by one

Tutors began getting students.

Terri Grigsby, Suzanne Grigsby, Kathy Counsineau and the list goes on and on.  

I began getting so many requests to help tutors that I hired other tutors who were successful to mentor and guide tutors through the process of starting an online tutoring business.

We started holding a group class called the Jumpstart program and these groups of tutors were not only getting a ton of students, but putting all of the right systems in place so that they don't need to change things up as they grow.  

Watch the video below to see the last group of tutors who have gone through the program.




Then These Tutors Began Getting Success


Watch How These Successful Tutors are Getting Students



Real Tutors Getting Real Results


Deb Bitbender- Online Reading Tutor

This is what I needed the specific instruction and support to do these things. I now have confidence to do something I love and have a passion for. Joanne is dynamic, a great teacher with a wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend the Jump Start Program to anyone interested in doing an online tutoring business.

Rachel Berntsen - Online ESL Tutor

Before I met Joanne, I was overwhelmed by my initial attempts to launch my own online tutoring business. I wasn’t sure what content to produce, what audience to target, or how to go about advertising my services. I didn’t know where to start and lacked focus as a result. However, with her help and guidance, I am now well on my way to becoming fully booked. Thank you so much for you encouragement and support, Joanne!

Aurelia McNeil - Online ESL Tutor 

Working with Joanne, my coaches, and the Jumpstart Masterclass program was AWESOME! I learned how to present my business more professionally and how to market my services.

I highly recommend tutors to join the Jumpstart Masterclass because you learn how to start your online tutoring business the right way from the beginning. You learn how to avoid costly and time-wasting mistakes.  My recommendation for anyone just even thinking about starting an online tutoring business is to take this course first. Don’t do ANYTHING before you take this course! Thank you, Joanne Kaminski and your crew, for teaching me so well.

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