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Hi, I'm Joanne Kaminski, a TUTORING CONSULTANT for your tutoring business, and I help great tutors like you learn how to find your voice and market your tutoring services so that you can get students from all over the world working the hours you desire. Making you a highly successful tutor earning 4-5 figures a month.



It All Started in the Classroom

I began my journey as a 3rd grade teacher with little classroom management skills.  (I swear this should be a course in college). 

I returned to 3rd grade the following year and found my passion for teaching reading.  With only 30% of our students reading on grade level I dived deep into learning everything I could to help them. 

At then end of the year I was selected as a trainer to train other teachers in the SFA reading program with Edison schools.  

The following year I looped with my class to 4th grade and continued to train teachers all over the country.  By the end of the year I was asked to also train the trainers.  

I was on top of the world.  Then I became pregnant.  The busy lifestyle of teaching my own students and traveling the country training was no lifestyle for a baby.

I was ready to leave the school, but my principal approached me and asked if I would become the Reading Curriculum Coordinator.  With the ability to have more flexibility and no homework to correct I immediately said yes.

As the years progressed there was a bigger problem in our school.  Each year we had a 50% teacher turnover rate.  The only teachers we were able to hire were first year teachers.  These first year teachers struggled with classroom management as much as I did.  

I found myself helping with classroom management so that they could teach reading to their students.  I felt like I was on a downward spiral.  As much as I wanted to increase the overall reading scores, I was at a loss on how to do it under these circumstances.

It was with a saddened heart that I left that school and took a position as a reading specialist in the Waukesha School District.  Switching schools did not fulfill me and I ended up becoming ill.  

I took a leave of absence and to take care of my health.  When I came back I sat in my chair in my office and had one of those major revelations.  I was not meant to be here.  

The Next Year

I left the school system and had to find my way.  I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew that I would work from home.

I tried five different businesses and failed at each of them.  I learned a ton about running an online business.  

As I was laying in bed one morning I had another one of those major revelations.  

Online tutoring.

That is something that I could get passionate about.  

I began researching the big tutoring companies to see if they were hiring and was quickly disappointed when I saw that they only paid $10 to $15 an hour.  I realized that was worth way more than that and began putting the pieces in place to start my own tutoring business.

The Big Difference Between Big Tutoring Companies and Freelance Tutors

I quickly realized why the tutoring companies could charge $50 an hour for my services and only pay me $10-$15.  They knew how to market my services and I didn't. 

I did learn a lot the previous year about marketing an online business.  So I began applying some of those strategies to get my first students.  

I made all the same mistakes that i see tutors make today.  I started with creating a cute name for my business.  It was Bright Idea Reading Tutoring.  Then I made business cards with a website that was a free website instead of buying a domain name.  

As soon as I bought a domain, my website was obsolete, and I had to create new business cards.  

As time went on, I found out that there is an even better strategy for our industry than using business cards.  

Watch this video to see what that is.


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The mistakes didn't end there.  I made huge mistakes with my website, my video creation, and so much more.  

I began investing in courses from some of the top people online, but they cost thousands of dollars.

I remember one day staring at my computer and thinking about YOU.  

Not in a cringy way.  I thought, if I figure out how to run a smooth and effective online tutoring business, then I will create a community of other tutors and support them on their journey.

This was the birth of the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors on Facebook.  If you are not a member, then join today. 

Coaching, Courses, and Conferences

From there, I began coaching individuals, creating courses, and inviting people to conferences.  I honed my coaching to help get tutors success right out of the gate.  

I read, I studied, and I put things into practice.  I hired a coach, became a part of other communities and learned from some of the best.  All so I could be who I am today and help you get the results that you want in your business.

Today I help tutors skip the line and get success faster.  Some tutors are creating a fully booked tutoring business in 3 months.  (Obviously, not every tutor gets this result, but I was impressed that it was happening for some.)

Watch how these five tutors got 44 students in 7 weeks.

This has been my favorite thing I have ever been a part of.  Getting results for tutors and helping them reach their goals.

I can help you too.  Check out some easy next steps below. 


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