The Online Tutor Business Podcast

The Online Tutor Business Podcast

Hosted by: Joanne Kaminski

Joanne Kaminski has earned over half million dollars tutoring online and today teaches other tutors how to do the same. She helps tutors learn what actions to take so that they can save time and money while creating a...


How to Start a Language Tutoring Business: Interview with Chris Basurto

Season #4 Episode #9

Joanne Kaminski and Chris Basurto delve into empowering language teachers and tutors to establish their tutoring businesses autonomously, emphasizing the significance of online presence, strategic planning, fair...
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Behind the Scenes of Creating Summits for Online Tutors & Growing Your Tutoring Business: Interview with Jill Kohlenberg

Season #4 Episode #8

This episode provides an insightful look into the world of organizing summits for online tutors, featuring discussions between Joanne Kaminski, the creator of the Impact Summit, and Jill Kohlenberg, who founded the...
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From $25 to $80 an Hour: Interview with Millie

Season #4 Episode #7

Want to speak to a member from our community and see if it is a right fit for you? Click here. --- Send in a voice message:
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Study and Revision Tips with Arthur Moore

Season #4 Episode #6

Arthur Moore is a UK tutor with his own podcast T and Teaching and the Tutoring Tips Podcast. Want to be featured on Arthur's podcast? Just submit your tip here. Want to learn more about the Insider Secrets Club 3.0...
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From $2,700 a month to $9,300: Interview with Linda Rumpf

Season #4 Episode #5

In just one year Linda went from making $2700 in February of 2023 to $9300 in February of 2024. How did this happen? Listen to find out what steps Linda took to make this giant leap in just one year. Want to connect...
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How to Grow a Tutoring Business Digitally with Edward Coronado III

Check out Edwards free expo. Expo — Alma Modern Check out Koala Go Teach with Koala | Goodbye Zoom Boredom Thank you Koala Go for being a sponsor of this episode. By clicking the link not only do you save $48 for...
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What is an Executive Functioning Coach with Gretchen Wegner

Season #4 Episode #3

In this enlightening episode of our podcast, we're diving deep into a question that's on the minds of educators, parents, and tutors alike: What is an executive functioning coach? Join us as we welcome Gretchen...
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Why I Quit Teaching with Katrina Gonzales

Season #4 Episode #2

Katrina shares her story from classroom teacher to online tutor. She had no idea that she could really make this a viable business and that she could do it on her own terms. Katrina is a member of our Insider Secrets...
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Why I Quit Teaching with Sharon Canaday

In this heartening episode of the Online Tutor Business Podcast, we sit down with Sharon Canaday, a former teacher whose journey through the education system led her to a profound career pivot. Sharon opens up about...
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Podcasting as a business growth strategy with Julia Hickman

Season #3 Episode #10

In this episode of our podcast, Joanne Kaminski speaks with Julia Hickman about the benefits of podcasting for tutors. Julia shares her experience with using podcasting as a business growth strategy, highlighting the...
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This Tutor Made $10,000 Last Month and Other Success Stories

Season #3 Episode #9

Join us for a special episode of the Online Tutor Business Podcast as we sit down with Max Pavlovsky, an online math tutor who hit his first $10,000 month and was inaugurated into the 5-figure-a-month club. Max is not...
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Thriving as a Teacher: Tutoring as a Side Hustle, Full-time Career, and Giving Back with Kelly Dharamshi

Season #3 Episode #8

In this insightful interview, Kelly and Joanne explore the benefits of tutoring as a flexible side hustle for teachers looking to earn extra income without sacrificing their passion for teaching. They discuss how it...
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