Imagine 15 weeks from now, you're not just teaching more students – you're a global tutoring sensation. Your online presence is magnetic, attracting learners from every corner of the world. This is more than a transformation; it's a complete reinvention of your tutoring career.









Does Any of this Sound Familiar?


  • Do you look around and feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to put in place for your tutoring business?  Website, flyers, contracts, and payment systems are flying around your head and you have no idea where to put your focus?
  • Have you struggled with getting students and you wonder if the market is just too saturated?  
  • You spend hours everyday watching YouTube videos about running an online tutoring business, but everyone has different advice.



You spend hours reading every book, watching every video, and creating resources to tutor your students.

You have a to do list that is so large you have no idea how to organize it.  On top of that you have a million ideas on how you can create a successful tutoring business and you are not sure of what to focus on first.

It feels like ideas are running through your head and you are unsure of how to make sense of all of it and put everything in place.  You're not even sure if you are focusing on the right things.  All you know at this point is you don't have the amount of students you want and you aren't sure where to get them.


I get it!! I tried to do everything on my own in the beginning as well.

You've spent hours a day figuring out what resources you should use to tutor online.  It feels like you can't have a business if you don't have the right resources.  However, your students will be the ones that will help you figure out what resources you need to use.

You have also spent hours figuring out what your business model will look like. You wonder whether you need to...

  1. Have an LLC or S-Corp?
  2. Use contracts to keep clients longer?
  3. Create business cards to hand out to people?

 I have a surprise for you.  These are not the first actions that you should be taking, but every tutor, in the beginning, thinks these are the most important questions to answer before they get started.

Have you thought of every area that you can tutor so that you can make the most amount of money?  This is a strategy that works if you are working for a company, but it is not the strategy if you are going into business for yourself.  

Let's figure out your sweet spot in tutoring so you can learn what words to use on your website to attract your ideal student and love every minute working with them.

Replace All Those Uncomfortable Feelings

with clarity, success, and support

Instead of OVERWHELM...

  You’ll have one clear mission to get one student in 10 weeks or less.

Instead of feeling CONFUSED...

You will know exactly what actions to take and when to take them.

Instead of FEELING STUCK...

You’ll experience constant wins that build your confidence and lead to even bigger wins.

Instead of FRUSTRATION...

You will learn about the challenges all online tutors face and have a way of  accepting or overcoming them.

Instead of ISOLATION…

You will be part of an engaged community, get an accountability partner, and receive feedback for support.

Hi, I'm Joanne Kaminski

I was once where you are today.  I had zero students and zero systems in place.  I thought I knew what actions to take, but they were not leading me to students. 

I thought it might be easier to get a job than start getting my own online tutoring students.  

Today, I have students from around the world that keep finding me, and I wouldn't give any of that up for anything.  I work with students from Mumbai, Japan, Canada, Peru, UK, and all over the United States from the west to the east.  I work with homeschooling families and expats.  I even work with students who live in my area online, which allows me to travel around the world whenever I want.

I have helped tutors go from 2 students to 22 students in 10 weeks and have a booked solid business with the right systems in place so they can spend more time tutoring and less time running their business.

I have bundled everything I have learned in the last 12 years into a system called the Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass.

The Step by Step Path

That quickly puts all the pieces of your tutoring business together in the shortest amount of time.

In the Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass

You will learn...

1.  How getting people to pay you automatically each month will save you so much time and keep you from chasing your money.

2.  The 6 best no cost ways to get students so you can start getting paid doing what you love.

3.  Really understand what parents need to see on your website and what they don't.

4.  Choose the right social media platforms that will increase your exposure.  

5.  Master the psychology of the sales conversation.  Learn the scientifically based way to get parents to say yes to your services and not question what you charge.

6.  The little known secret of consistency that will keep you going even when you don't feel motivated.

This course includes...


Each week is laid out to support you one video at a time.  Access videos, replays from live calls, and more.

Insider Secrets Club

Connect with all of the members that are enrolled in the course and our entire community while you are taking the course.  

Compound Effect

Be inspired and motivated to reach any of your goals with the simple nuggets shared in this ebook by Darren Hardy.

Tracking Sheet

Do you like lists and checking off the boxes?  Stay on top of the assignments each week and be motivated by using the tracking sheet.

Accountability Partner

With your accountability partner you will check in each week to inspire, motivate and help each other out.

Be a Part of a Team

Tutors in the Jumpstart Masterclass will be assigned a team.  Your team will compete for some light competition to keep you motivated along the 10 week journey.

This Tutor Got 17 Students in 10 weeks

Finding students for tutoring is a question that never quite leaves a tutor's mind, does it? Whether you're just starting out or have been in the business for years, that nagging question remains: 'How do I find more students?' Watch this video to learn more from Heather Borns jouney.


Looking For Bonuses?

Here's What You Get if You Sign Up Today

Tech Guy $1,000 Value

Have you ever felt like you aren't that techy.  Don't worry we have you covered.  Each week you can attend a call with a tech guy to get questions to all of your tech questions and learn some tips and tricks that will blow your mind away.

Group Coach - $1,000 Value

Get exclusive access to a coach that will personally answer your questions without ever having to feel embarrassed again. 



IMPACT 5 Replays $197 Value

Begin checking out strategies you can use as soon as you join the course.

Engage in marketing activities that move your business forward right from the beginning.

Live Call with Joanne Weekly $2,000 Value

Master the 7 motivational factors that will keep you moving even when you don't see immediate results.

End each day with the feeling of, "Yes, I got so much accomplished today," and be proud of it.

"I highly recommend tutors join the Jumpstart Masterclass because the amount of useful information you get to start your business is phenomenal! I went from no students to having 4 students by the end of the course. I also had so much confidence about how to speak with parents and how to run my business because of the information I learned in the program."

Patty Lavigne
Ms. Patty's Math Tutoring

"Before I started Jumpstart I had been tutoring for 6 years. I had learned and done as much as I could on my own. I wanted to grow my business and have a life with my family. I did not realize how alone I had been. I connected with other tutors of various subjects. I offered support at the same time I received theirs and learned so much from them. Joanne, helped me with multiple paradigm shifts, which has helped me dream bigger, plan better and act wiser. I am grateful I got to do this and only wish I had done it years ago. "

Nathan Atkinson
Calculus Tutor

"I didn't realize how great and helpful the videos/assignments would be, but they totally are. I feel like in two weeks, I have grown and learned more than I have in 6 months on my own. "

Eileen Kelly
Math and Science Tutor

What Makes the Jumpstart Program than Other Online Programs?

Most programs give you videos to watch on your own, but then, you are left on your own.  When you don't feel like taking action you don't and you lose momentum.

In the Jumpstart Masterclass, you are assigned to a group coach that answer your questions, get an accountability partner so you can inspire each other, and complete weekly assignments that help you put all the pieces of your business together so that it runs like a well-oiled machine.

You will focus on taking the right actions at the right time so you can stay motivated and create the tutoring business of your dreams making the amount of you know you are worth.

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"Before Jumpstart I had watched youtube videos and purchased a few things to help me with business, but I needed more help. Jumpstart definitely delivered. It taught me every aspect of my business I needed to have. Jumpstart helped me improve the pieces I had and which pieces I needed to add. I grew my business during these past several weeks because of the huge wealth of information."

Teresa Juarez
Teresa's Learning Squad

"Before I started with Jumpstart I was overwhelmed by all the business advice that was swirling around social media. Everything was targeted to businesses way past where I was. I joined and took a deep breath. In Jumpstart everything was presented in a logical process. As a result, I have co-written a blog, joined a virtual international networking group, and was asked to present a MasterMind class for expats in Europe. My name never would have been out there without Joanne, Esmy, and the Jumpstart program."

Lori Baker
Lori's Language Lab

"Working with Joanne, my coach, and the Jumpstart program is like... magic because... Joanne has put all the pieces together for me to succeed. Thank you Joanne Kaminski for... being a real person. Being present! "

Natalie Morales
Online Reading Tutor

Not just that, but the Jumpstart Learning System actually rewards you for taking action.

Humans learn best when they are not actually trying to “Learn”


People learn best when they are not trying to "learn".

In fact...

When it feels like a game

We are more likely to stick with it.

In a game, certain elements make it fun.  You get to...

  • Choose your avatar.
  • Track your results
  • Move up to the next level
  • Compete
  • Rack up points
  • Earn rewards

As soon as I began turning my step-by-step process into a game using these elements...

Tutors got results.




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After Gamifying my Group Coaching Program, Tutors Got Incredible Results


I told tutors that their goal for the next 10 weeks was to get 1 student or a whole lot more so that they could feel amazing every time they had a lightbulb moment with one of their students.  In fact, I wanted them to have so many lightbulb moments that they light up an entire city.  

And they did.

Some tutors reached mission accomplished in the very first week.

Other tutors like Kimberly Geschke and Braquelle Newsom got 23 students in 8 weeks.  

Rachel booked her online tutoring business solid and couldn't take on any more students.

And Abi Doughty got so many students I lost count after 17.  

Finally, tutors were....

  • Winning prizes
  • Getting students
  • Having fun
  • Collaborating 

This is what I always envisioned and it was really happening.  


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Why is the Mission to Get Your Next Student?

Well, here's the thing.  I know that once you get your next student through organic marketing strategies, you will be able to repeat the process over and over again to get more.

Not only that, but investing in your business can be scary.  You wonder if you can afford it.  Will this be worth it?  Once you get one student, the program pays for itself.  


If you don't get your next student in 15 weeks, we will help you for free until you do.

I personally feel that if I am not able to help you get one student, then I do not deserve to get paid.  My team and I are here for you and we have a no tutor left behind policy.  Our goal is to help you get one student or a whole lot more.  

From Zero to Hero: Dori Osmand's Success Story

Ever wondered how even the most dedicated tutors sometimes hit a wall? Join us on this inspiring journey where consistency pays off in the most incredible way. Meet Miss Dori, a relentless tutor who, despite topping the leader board week after week, couldn't book a single student. It might have seemed bleak, but her story was far from over.



You win this t-shirt

Frequently Asked Questions


I promise that if you take action and don't get results, then I will work with you for free until you do.

I want you to have the ability to make back the amount of money that you invested into this program so that you can see that this is an investment and NOT a cost.


If you don't get 1 student from the program I will personally work with you for free until you do.  I am that committed.

The Jumpstart Masterclass is an 15 week class.  It is meant to give your tutoring business a jump.  Just like if you were stuck on the highway and needed someone to give you a jump.

The Insider Secrets Club is a monthly membership club that many people join after finishing the Jumpstart Program.  They get continued education on marketing techniques that work for tutors and continue to build relationships with other tutors through group mastermind and a special Facebook group.

This is a 15 week program.  This 15 week course will be a step-by-step journey through goal setting, tools, understanding your ideal client, copywriting (not copyrighting!), student-getting activities, networking, sales conversations, money management, website development, branding, SEO, storyselling, website copywriting, call-to-action strategies, legal compliance, and personalizing your website with testimonials.

Plan on setting aside at least 4-5 hours a week.  This will allow you time to watch the videos, take action, and connect with the community.

You will add your information to a sheet where you will get to choose an accountability partner based off of your time zone prefence, time you can meet, interests, and who you have a desire to connect with.  It will be up to you to take action to find your partner.  Remember that this is only for 8 weeks, you are not searching for a lifetime partner.  However, many people have developed strong friendships that have lasted years.

All of the Motivational Monday calls are recorded and saved into the program.  While it is fun to attend live, I understand that there are times when you might not be able to be there.  As long as you watch the replay, it will still count as if you attended the session live.

About 50% of the people joining this class already have students, so you won't be the only one.

This program is still definitely for you.  You will learn additional strategies for getting students, put systems on autopilot so that you can spend more time working with students, or make more money working fewer hours.  You will get clear on your marketing message so your ideal student can find and hire you.  

This is the perfect time to sign up.  I wish I had the guidance this course offers so that I could have skipped all the mistakes in the business and focused on taking the right actions.

During this course, you will meet other tutors in the very beginning stages of your business, and you won't feel alone.  You will also feel comforted learning from other tutors that do have students and an online presence.  You will build relationships with key people that could potentially refer you.  

After the class, I ask tutors to share the number one piece of advice they could offer other tutors.  They always say they wish they had started the Jumpstart Program when they were just getting started.

You're getting started, and this is the best time to start.  

"I have learnt how to schedule like a boss, charge what I'm worth, conduct sales conversations & consultations and more. The Motivational Monday calls with Joanne and the Group Coaching sessions were phenomenal. The group synergy I experienced during the Group Coaching sessions was dynamite!! I am leaving this program with the necessary tools and increased confidence to run a profitable and sustainable online tutoring business."

Alica Spears
Online Writing Tutor for Primary Students

"Working with Joanne, my coach, and the Jumpstart program is like breathing fresh air because now I know what to do and how to attract my ideal student in my niche (Math). I highly recommend tutors join the Jumpstart Masterclass because you may think you have everything you need, but there are always ways to improve or fine-tune your craft."

Letrice Osarenkhoe
Homeschool Tutor

"Now I am able to build an online presence, and reach potential clients. I have several ways to market my services and build my business to the level that suits me. If you are wanting to grow your tutoring business or shift to winning your own clients, I highly recommend the Jumpstart Masterclass to you, because you will progress through doable steps to make this happen for you!"

Gloria Feliciano
Online STEM Reading Tutor

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