What is the Formula for a Perfect Website?

Mar 11, 2016

Every tutor who decides to start an online tutoring business understands the importance of having a website.  However, it can be the cause of great distress for many.  Many of us have no idea how to build a website, what content to include, and how to make sure people actually see it.  This post is going to unpack the mystery of what to include for each of these areas so that you can begin to reach your target audience and generate income for your online tutoring business.

Building a Great Looking Website

Thank goodness we don’t have to reinvent the wheel for a great looking website.  There are many companies that have stellar point and click platforms that make creating a website today intuitive and even fun. 

I have been using Wix, www.wix.com, for many years because of the gorgeous layout options they have.  Even those with little or no experience can point, click and add content without a bunch of technical knowledge on html code.  It is a free service for a free website, but you can add a personalized (vanity) URL, like www.theskypingreadingtutor.com, for less than $10 a month.

Other free website builders available today include:





Going with one of these sites will ensure that your website looks great on all technology platforms: computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Content to Include

Now that you know where to go to create your website, what information must you include so people will choose you as the perfect online tutor?


First, you want to have a welcome video.  One thing that makes you stand out amongst the big tutoring agencies is that people get to choose to work with YOU.  Not someone who is assigned to work with their child, but you.  And you need to show some characteristics that make them want to choose you.  Parents are looking for kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable tutors.  If you can show this through your video, then you are golden.  In my Websites that Win course I teach tutors exactly what to say and how to tailor it to their ideal clients.

About Me

Notice how I have About Me and not About Us.  We are not an “us.”  You may have the goal of becoming an “us,” but most of us actually start out as a “me.”  You can have a section called About Me or About, but try to stay away from About Us.  We do not need to try to sound bigger than we are.  Our asset is that we are a small business that personally caters to each client.  Think about it like Walmart vs. a local baker.  Which would you expect a better tasting cupcake from?  I bet most of you would say the local baker.  This is because they have the ability to put their heart and soul into their baking.  They care about taste and presentation.  If they don’t, their business will close down.  This is similar to us as online tutors.  Parents enjoy personally picking out the person that will tutor their child.


The frequently asked questions section needs to represent questions that people really ask.  Otherwise, this is a waste of space.  Here are some that you can include answers to.

1.       How does online tutoring work?

2.       How long are your sessions?

3.       Do you work with _____________ kind of kids? (For me, people ask if I work with dyslexics, kids with ADHD, or special ed).

4.       Why do you teach online?

5.       Do you teach out of your house?

6.       How long will my child need tutoring?

7.       Do you work in the summer?

8.       Do you teach other subjects?

9.       How much does tutoring cost?

10.   How long have you been tutoring online?

Contact _______(your name)

Ultimately you want people contacting you so that you can have a booked solid tutoring business.  People often wonder what kind of information they should include.  You can include your e-mail and phone number.  You can also create a contact form that prospective clients can fill out right and have that information get sent directly to your email. People also like to connect with social media so feel free to add your Facebook business page, LinkedIn, and Skype buttons.


If you have testimonials, then you want to make sure to add these.  Having a picture along with the testimonial is more effective than write this: “- parent.”  By writing a parent name and attaching a picture when possible will give legitimacy to the testimonials, and clients are more likely to believe what they are reading.  If you do not have any testimonials, simply add this page once you have a few satisfied clients.  What other people say about you is ultimately given more weight than what you say about you.  If you want to see an amazing video testimonial, then check out Lakysha Mosely’s website http://education-forward.com/testimonials/.  I personally think that these make the most impact on parents’ minds and hearts.

Spreading your Website URL across the Web

Now that you have created an amazing website, it is time to let people know about it.  Your first step is to go into all of your social media sites and edit your profile.  If there is a place to put a website URL, then add it.  Your second step is creating an e-mail signature.  Underneath your name place a link to your website.  This way, everyone who sees a message from you can at least become aware about you and your business.  Your third step is putting your introduction video on YouTube. Always start the description of this video and any others you upload with your website URL so that people can find you. 

I mentioned earlier that I am going to start a new class called Websites that Win in the Online Tutoring Business: Workshop.  If you are interested in learning more about this, simply click this link


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