How often should you send a progress report?

organization tutor tools Mar 25, 2018

After every session?


Once a month?


As needed?




This question was asked in the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors this week and it is up to the personal style of the tutor and what he or she feels will benefit their student the most.   At the end of the post you can download a free tutor feedback form.


The thing that I enjoy the most about owning my tutoring business is that no one can tell me how to do things.

I have complete freedom to run my business in the way that I feel serves my business and my students the best.  I can take part in systems that I feel serve my business and get rid of anything that is busy work. 


It is important to think of this from the standpoint of being booked solid. 


Think, if my booked solid is 20 hours a week could I keep this system in place.  If the answer is yes, then you have found the perfect system for you.


Another thing to take into consideration is parent requests.  Some parents will request that you give feedback weekly, monthly, or by their lack of engagement never. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the responses that people had.


After Every Session


Dite Bray: Once a week notes or once a month, depending on how often you meet.  I also do CBMs on a monthly basis with a written report so they can set the progress or if there is no progress then that lets me tell them they need to schedule more sessions per week.


Megan Jill: I send a weekly email report to a parent. ( only for one client though) I’ll only do it upon request.


Terri Grigsby: I send a quick update after each session along with the notes from BitPaper. If we need to discuss more, the parents or I will initiate email content. I think a quick note of what we covered and how the session went invests the parents more in the tutoring.


Beth Sullivan: I send a quick email after each session, but these are also for the few client's I send Paypal invoices to, so I'm sending them something anyway.


Once  a Month


Atul Rana: Depends on clients really and the student. I give some progress updates once a month. Sometimes I even call the parent up if there is something more detailed that needs to be discussed.


Ronald Johnson: I do a monthly report, although I will sometimes contact them after the initial assessment if they like (or if the assessment is vastly different than the expectation).


As Needed


Sonia George: I used to send an update after every session, then I realized parents weren't actually reading them. Usually, I see the parent during the in-person meeting or they're nearby in the online session if I need to update them on anything. I think generally they see the progress themselves, it shows in better grades in class & increased confidence.


Lana White: You would think that parents would want an update after each session, but what I’ve found of tutoring in person for 5 years is that parents are busy, they know their kid is struggling, so that’s why they are bringing them to you...but they are too busy to keep up with their progress. I’ve only had one parent actively involved enough to care for an update. I don’t think parents want an update unless you get the sense they do or ask. Although to be extra thorough you could give one anyway. 

I like to touch base with parents when I see a breakthrough, are changing what we’re covering (like starting to prepare for state standardized testing), or if they struggle in an area where the parents can help at home (although again, I’ve never felt that the parents did any of my at home suggestions...I think they think that’s why they’re paying me).


Marie Fohr: I have never written reports but I am ready to write a detailed email if they ask for feedback.


Joanne Kaminski: I give feedback when requested or every 3 months. Since the parents can see what is going on during each session I rarely have them ask for feedback. Once in a while, a parent will request more frequent updates, but I have found that these updates end up being more work on my part and are not actually read by the parent. So, I stick with the formal assessment I do every 3 months and as needed. If I have any serious concerns I will chat with a parent after the session or schedule a time to chat with them.




Ok, so no one actually said never.  Which means that all great tutors send feedback in some form during their time with the student. 


It can be in the form of assessments, work accomplished over the session, growth you have seen, or breakthroughs that you have had.


The parents may give you feedback in the form of better grades at school, scores on state tests, and their child’s overall confidence. 


If you are looking for a feedback template you can download I have created a free editable one or a pdf form that you can write on click the LINK below.


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