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Starting an Online Tutoring Business: 9 Things I wish Someone Would Have Told Me

starting an online tutoring business Jul 31, 2021



These tips may seem harsh at first glance when starting an online tutoring business.

Keep reading to learn the truth about starting an online tutoring business.

I was reading this article on about 9 things you need to know about starting your own business and would love to share my thoughts with you about it.


Your Business will probably fail.  


Well, that is pretty bleak. 

But at the same time true. 

The failure rate is about 90%.  To be honest with you, I tried 5 businesses before I started my tutoring business and they all failed.  

Don't let failure stop you.  Failure is not a bad thing.  We learn from our failures and use it to learn.  

I have personally dedicated my life to sharing all the ways that I have failed to help people skip the line and achieve success faster.

I am always jealous when tutors share with me how quickly they booked their online tutoring business because of the tips and guidance I have given them.  I wish I had what I give to others.  


You will have competition 


The article shares that while you will have competition don't be scared by it.  Embrace it.  

Personally, I believe that you can get a lot farther by collaborating with others vs. competing against them.  There are so many students out there that need our help. We can work together to help more kids.  


You will need to know more than you already know. 


So many people tell me that when they have more students then they will join my Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass.  But, what if the course is what you need in order to get those students?  If you need to know more than you already know, you can't get there by yourself.  It is a catch 22.

That is why I am holding a free training on Monday  I want you to know the things that you need to know so that you can get the results that you desire.  The best part is you do not have to spend one single cent.

You will need money to spend

I am sure you have heard of the phrase that you need money to spend money.  The very first course that I took cost $2000.  I didn't have it.  The good news was Paypal had an amazing plan that still exists today.  They allowed me to borrow the money with no interest for 6 months.  

I was able to pay back every cent in 3 months with the money I had earned from the course that I took.  It felt amazing to pay off that last amount from profits I had made.  

Today I have gone one step further.  I tell people who join my Jumpstart program that I will personally refund them if they take all of the actions of the program and don't get a student.  

Want to know what is AMAZING?  As soon as I did this there were tutors that were beginning to make $5000- $8,000 a month.  My goal was to help every tutor get at least one student.  I never thought that in the short 8-10 weeks I spent with tutors that they would get this result.  


You will not immediately become rich

If you are like me, then you tutor or teach because you love it, not because you want to become rich.  When I got started I just wanted to replace my income.  It took me a couple of years to do that.  However, today I am making 4 times the amount of what I was making in the school system.  

While this result didn't happen overnight and it took a lot of work and dedication; I am so glad I did it and so are all of the other tutors that I have helped.  

I am not here to sell hype.  Tutoring online is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  Want to hear some stories of tutors that are getting results? Then check this interview out.


You need to obey laws


This means you have to pay your taxes quarterly or you will get fined.  Don't make the mistake I made and wait till the end of the year.  I did an interview with an accountant who can help you with what to think about when it comes to taxes.


You can't do it by yourself


If you were raised like me in severe poverty, then you were probably taught to be as resourceful as possible and to be a strong independent worker.  

Ever since I was a little girl, I had this I can do it by myself attitude.  The truth is, that is the hard way to do things.  

I have learned as time goes on that tutors make the same mistakes in the same order that I did if they don't learn from those that have come before them.  

Tutors think they can create their own website and then it doesn't get any traffic.  As soon as I look at the website I can determine where the mistakes are and point them in the right direction without spending thousands of dollars on someone doing it wrong for them.

When tutors create an ad, I can spot the words that don't work and the images that are all wrong.  

Tutors have 2 choices.  They can do it all wrong by themselves or get guidance from people that are successful in the industry and get results faster.  

I choose to get results faster.  That is why I invested recently in a course that cost me $3000.  I knew that by investing in it that I would get results.

(Don't worry, I don't offer any courses in that price range.)


Your customers won't come flocking



There isn't one way that will get you the most students.

There are many ways that work and they will all only bring in a trickle of students.  Over time, that trickle will become a flood because of referrals.  

I will share what works in my free webinar on Monday.  So make sure to reserve your seat and join us.  

You're going to want to quit

 At some point, you will get overwhelmed.  The next natural step is to stop taking action.  

However, when you join other people that can support you when this happens, you will be setting yourself up for success.

I know that this seems really gloomy to some of you.  But there is hope.  There have been people who have been where you are and they want to help you.  

Come join us for the webinar and feel motivated and inspired to bring your business to the next level.

Save your seat.

There will be a replay after the event, but you need to let us know you want to attend to receive it.  Those that show up live will be entered into a drawing for a free prize.  

What are your thoughts about these tips?  How do they make you feel about starting an online tutoring business?  Tell me in the comments below.



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