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5 Motivational Star Wars Quotes

tutor conference Sep 11, 2020

Picture this.  Yoda is teaching Luke how to harness the force.  It seems like what Yoda has said, has made an impact on Luke and he is ready to try to get the spaceship out of the water.

He looks into Yoda's eyes and says, "Ok, I will try."  

Yoda looks at him and he says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” 

Those words seem pretty harsh at the time, but what do they really mean.  

I think that when we try, we do not really believe in what the outcome will be.  It doesn't matter how intense my effort it as long as I gave it a shot.

Those words, "Do. Or do not." have so much power.  They mean you either are going to give it your all or don't waste your time.  You need to believe that you can do it or you will keep getting the same results you have been getting.

Let's be honest.  Do you sometimes need a Yoda in your life?  Someone who will guide you in how to really do it.  Not someone who just goes through the motions, but someone who is really practicing what she preaches like Yoda.

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And in the meantime, use these quotes to motivate you in your online tutoring journey.

Are you ready to give it your all?  Let me be your Yoda and guide in how to get found by students from all over the world.  It may seem impossible right now, but with the right guidance we can accomplish amazing things.

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