10 Phrases To Keep You Going Even When You Can’t

Sep 01, 2020

We all need some sort of motivation to keep moving forward during hardships, pain, and disappointments with our online tutoring business.


That is why many people go out of their way to build relationships with people they believe they can rely on when things get tough. They need to know that they have reliable friends or family they can lean back on but what happens when you don’t have that kind of liberty?


What happens when you don’t have anyone to pick you up when you fall and encourage you to keep going?


Know that that is the time you need to rely on yourself, be your own motivation, and encourage yourself to go forward. Here are some phrases you can use to lift yourself up even when you can’t:


  1. “I have what it takes.”

Knowing you have what it takes to go from where you are to where you need to be will motivate you to keep moving. Look in the mirror every morning and say “I have what it takes” even if you don’t feel like it because you do have what it takes. If you don’t believe me, look at how far you have come, and don’t forget to acknowledge the fact that you are not where you used to be.


  1. “I am stronger today than I was yesterday.”

Going through a rough patch and feeling like a failure does not mean you are weak so don’t be hard on yourself. Be proud of the fact that you are still standing even after that horrible experience. The reason that you are still here is a sign that you are stronger than you can imagine. So, give yourself due credit.


  1. “Tomorrow is another chance.”

Failing to make something work today does not mean you will never be able to bring it to life. If it is something that you truly want, make sure you never cease to remind yourself that tomorrow is another day for you to try again. See tomorrow as an opportunity to start over and persevere.  


  1. “I am stronger than this.”

Saying “I am stronger than my situation” will force your mind to concentrate on your ability to make a change and prevent the pain you are feeling from controlling your actions.


  1. “I know where I am going.”

Find solace in the fact that you know what you want to achieve. You know where you are going and you know what needs to be done to get there so, don’t worry about a plan that failed. You can still try a different angle and make it work.


  1. “I have come so far.”

One thing that can keep you moving in life when you don’t feel like you can go on is appreciating that you are not where you used to be. Reflect on what you have conquered in the past and realize how far you can go.


  1. “There’s still a lot that I haven’t tried yet.”

Beating yourself up about something that has already happened isn’t going to change your situation. Think about a hundred things you still haven’t tried. Things that can bring the change you desire to see in your life and begin working on that. If your dream of healing your relationship doesn’t work, think about the possibility of a new and better relationship and consider that maybe you have to let your present one go.


  1. “My feelings don’t determine my actions.”

 Your emotions can be deceptive and you cannot rely on them when making decisions or taking the required action. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore your feelings of sadness or pain. If anything, you must allow yourself to feel the way you feel to recover from it. Acknowledge that you are sad, frustrated, and annoyed but don’t let those feelings influence your response or reaction. Go for a walk, call a friend, or go for a massage. Anything to get you to relax and have a clear head.  


  1. “My Destiny awaits.”

Having a cause greater than yourself and knowing what you are destined for will motivate you to keep going when you can’t. So, know your purpose and repeat to yourself that your destiny awaits each morning before stepping out of the house.


  1. “I still have so much to discover.”

      If you know that there is still so much to discover getting up each morning will feel like an adventure. You will look forward to discovering things that you haven’t discovered yet as well as learning new things. Remember that the world has so much to offer. Whether or not you will see what those things are will depend on how much you are willing to go to find out what they are. Look at the rising of the sun as a chance to learn something new.


What motivates you when times get tough.  Share your best wisdom below.

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