Course Creation Masterclass

This is a simple 7 step system to creating a course, marketing it, and selling it.  You will be able to learn at your own pace with videos and checklists that you can easily use to check off what you have completed.  You will learn how to choose what resources you want to use and which will ultimately help your reach your goals.  Everything you need to know is included in this course.  You also have the ability to ask questions when something is unclear and get prompt answers. 

Making courses has helped thousands of tutors make additional income without putting in additional time. 

Here is what is included in this course.

1.       How to create a course from beginning to end.

2.       How to pick a course topic, identify your ideal student, and plan your course.

3.       How to create the videos and how to edit them so that you have high-quality courses that look amazing.

4.       How to position your course for success in the marketplace, using a promo video and a landing page to convert students.

5.       Checklists to guide you into picking the right resources.

6.       Worksheets to guide you in figuring out all of the details.