The Reading Interventionist Program

Included in the Reading Interventionist Program are videos that teach you everything that you need to know in order to teach reading online and close the gap a full year with just 8-12 hours of instruction. In addition you will receive weekly support through a group call, a Facebook community page, and access to FAQ's from other members that have gone through the course.

Who is this Program for?
1. Anyone who wants to know how to specifically teach reading online and learn how to close the gap for kids with just 8-12 hours of instruction.

2. Reading Specialists looking to learn how to create an RTI program that gets the best results.

3. Speech and Language teachers looking for new ways to incorporate reading into their instruction to create a deeper and richer vocabulary.

You will learn how to….
1. Assess students to find out what their tutoring needs are.

2. Create an individualized reading intervention to get superb results for each student.

3. Assess and teach phonemic awareness to ensure that each of your students has the pre reading skills necessary to effectively blend and read words.

4. Teach phonics using a super simple method that takes kids very little time to learn and apply.

5. Teach comprehension skills and strategies so that kids can ace any standardized test that is required of them.

6. Teach test taking strategies. While as teachers we don’t like to teach to the test, our clients want their child to do well on tests and have the knowledge necessary in order to do well on them.

7. Enhance and grow each student’s vocabulary.

8. Help kids read faster and with better prosody.

9. Create a lesson plan format that does not require you to plan each and every lesson.

How this course is designed

1. Comprehensive: You will be given most of the resources that Joanne has created since 2010 to use in your business with your students.

2. Simple and Sequential: Joanne shows you in depth each of the major elements of reading and shows you how to apply to specific tutoring students. She teaches the concepts and then has videos to show you how she accomplishes these tasks with her actual students.

3. Focused on Results: You will be able to assess students, learn how to teach them, and then reassess to find out how much growth each child has made. Step by step instructions using the QRI-5 are given.

4. Hands on Weekly Calls: Joanne cares about your success and has set up systems for you to learn the content with other like-minded individuals. You will have a weekly call where one of the major reading components is focused on and time is allowed for answering any questions that you personally have.

5. Facebook Group: A private Facebook group exists to also support you in between the live calls. Here you can ask questions as they come up and you have lifetime access not only to the group and the calls, but also the program. As new information is added the program is continually being added to as well.

1. Do I get a certificate of completion after I finish the program? 

Yes, this program offers a  certificate of completion. If you do not already have a reading specialist license this adds value to the services that you can offer your client. When a parent sees that you have completed a course that teaches you how to meet the needs of your students better, the parents feel more confident that you can help their child.

2. Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Joanne understands that not all people are able to pay up front, so you have the option to pay in 3 monthly installments. 

3. Can I purchase just one component of the program?

No, in order to take this course at this time it comes with all areas of reading instruction. However, new courses are continually being created. If you are interested in something in particular let Joanne know and it may just be the next program you need.