"Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Unlock a Proven Passive Income Strategy Tailor-Made for Tutors"

Are You a Tutor Frustrated with the Passive Income Puzzle? Discover the Insider Secrets Club 3.0 and Become a Leader in a Community That Pays You Back.

The Passive Income Maze

"Why Is Everyone Else Succeeding Online, and I'm Stuck?"

You've got the tutoring part down. You've even replaced your teaching income with your tutoring business. But when it comes to creating a passive income strategy, you're overwhelmed. You've tried it all—products, funnels, email sequences. And yet, the pieces just aren't falling into place. You're asking, "Can't I just outsource this?"

The Overwhelm is Real

"I Thought This Would Be Easier!"

You started your online tutoring business with a vision. You thought setting up a passive income strategy would be just as straightforward. But the deeper you dive, the more complicated it becomes. You're not alone; I've been there too.

"Your One-Stop Solution for a Thriving Tutoring Business and a Robust Passive Income Strategy"

Hi, I'm Joanne Kaminski, an online reading tutor who's been where you are. It took me two years to replace my teaching income with tutoring and 11 years to perfect my passive income strategy. I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

What's in it for You?

"Join the Leadership Team and Reap the Rewards"

  • Ready-Made Funnel: No need to create your own. Just follow our checklist to introduce new people to the opportunity.
  • Minimal Time Investment: A couple of hours a week is all you need to see your passive income grow.
  • Top of the Pay Scale: As a Leadership Team member, you earn a 40% profit—that's $78 recurring monthly income for each person you bring in.
  • Built-In System: No more selling one product over and over. You have a system that works.

Exclusive Perks for Leadership Team Members

"It's Not Just About Money; It's About Community and Experiences"

  • Yearly Cruise: A bonus cruise this year in the second week of November to brainstorm and shape the community.   A recurring yearly cruise to network, brainstorm how to make our community better, and plan for the live event.
  • VIP Access: Front-row tickets to IMPACT LIVE 2025 and free access to all IMPACT online events.

Your Next Steps

"Ready to Stop the Struggle and Start Earning?"

Join Insider Secrets Club 3.0 as a Leadership Team member and turn your years of hard work into a thriving community and a robust passive income stream. You've got the skills; we've got the platform. Together, let's make magic happen.