3 Step Blogging Blueprint for Success

You get access to a 7-week course where Suzanne will take you through the entire process with your very own blog post. 

You will see how this process works so that you can replicate it over and over and get the best results with your blogging efforts. 

No longer will you get zero engagement and only a few views on your page. 


Week 1: How to Find Topics for Your Blog –  You’ll learn how to select blog topics that will attract your ideal client. 

Week 2: How to Plan, Write and Format a Blog Post– Find out how to plan what will you write, so that you can write engaging content and make it easy to read and understand.

Week 3: How to Revise and Edit a Blog Post—Discover how to revise and proofread your post for writing style and clarity.

Week 4:  How to Find Keywords That Will Help Others Find You—Learn how to do keyword research and optimize your blog posts so that people will find your blog posts.

Week 5: How  to Create a Pinterest Business Page and BoardsCreate a Pinterest Business Page and Pinterest Boards that Attract Followers.  

Week 6: How to Create Blog Post Images and Pins that will Attract Your Audience—See how to make blog post images and pins in Canva 

Week 7:  How to Build Connections and Be Seen by Influencers’ Audiences—Find out how you can reach out to others, write round-up posts, interviews and pitch guest post ideas to influencers.

The goal of this course is to bring you through each of the steps with one of your blog posts so that you can replicate the process over and over again with confidence and pride.