Websites that Win in the Online Tutoring World: Workshop

When people get started with their online tutoring business, they realize the importance of a website, but creating a website causes people to have many different types of fears.  For example,

1.  Costs too much - Since people have to make a website they assume that it has to cost a ton of money.  In this course, you will learn how to do it for free if you so choose.

2.  No clue how to create one and where to start - What if you could have someone easily show you how to do it so that you would know you had all of the important pieces in place.  Would this make your life easier and simpler?

3.  No idea what to write on it - Many people get writer's block when they stare at their website and have no idea what to write.  In this course, you will get to take a look at examples of successful websites and have templates you can use to guide you step by step in the process.

4.  Not enough time - By working with a team of people you stay accountable to your goal of completing your website and make the necessary time needed to do it right the first time.

5.  Fear of failure - Everybody has to start somewhere.  You can always change your website as your business grows.  

6.  Fear of success - On the flipside, some people think that once they publish their website, they are going to have a flood of new clients.  This is rarely the case.  A business slowly builds itself.  Once you do have the clients that you want you can begin to pay it forward to others starting their businesses and bless them.

7.  Fear of criticism - We tend to care what other people think and have this fear of people judging us.  Let's work as a team to get your website just right so that this eliminates this fear and you can put your best self forward online.  

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to build a website that, when people see it, they are mesmerized and feel inclined to contact you to tutor them or their child.  You will learn how to find keywords people are searching for and optimize your pages so that they can get indexed on the first page of google.  The skills that you learn from this course will continue to make you money over time vs. just one time.