IMPACT 6 Speaker Page

This is all the information you need as a speaker to be prepared for the event.

Thank you for being a speaker

I am so excited to inform you that you have been chosen from many people who applied to be a speaker.  

This event is going to be incredible because of your support.  

Please use this page to stay in the loop about everything you need to know about the event. 

Speaker Presentation Guidelines


1. Presentations should be 20 to 25 minutes in length. They will be pretaped to be shown during the event from May 17th to the 19th.

2. Each presentation will be pre-taped.  You can choose to send your taped session to me by April 15th or tape the session with me.  https://calendly.com/jbkaminski/impact-6-taping


3.  Presentations, if possible, should be in powerpoint or canva. Please submit the Presentation at time of taping or to Joanne at [email protected] prior to April 15th. Thank you :)

3. Try to stay away from the webinar approach which leaves viewers understanding they need to change something, but lacking the resources to make that change.

4. You may share a free offer (freebie/lead magnet) at the end of your presentation - please spend no more than 2-3 minutes talking about this offer. 

5. Please don't mention any paid offers in your presentation. Your lead magnet can certainly lead to your paid offers but we want to avoid mentions of paid offers from speakers during the summit.

May 17th -19th - Live Summit in Zoom


April 15th All Sessions Taped and sent


May 1st Begin Promo 

How to Become an Affiliate and Share the Event


Please follow the process below to become an affiliate for IMPACT so that you can earn while promoting the Summit as well as your presentation to your audience!

While the ticket to the summit is free, there is an upsell of a VIP ticket of which you will earn a commission based on those that purchase.

If you choose to be an affiliate you will have your own unique code that you will use when you promote the event.  That way you get 40% of the proceeds. 


1.  Become an affiliate

Go to this link to become an affiliate. 


If you are already an affiliate, you can log in here to grab your affiliate code for IMPACT 6.



2.  Promote IMPACT 6

Coming Soon!!

 This folder on Google will host all of the images and emails you can use to promote the event.