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What if the moment a new online tutoring student said yes, all you had to do was hit send and collect money?


When you are just starting out as an online tutor, the business stuff can seem pretty overwhelming.

Payment agreements, contracts, lesson plans, observation notes and other details can make you feel like you are reinventing the wheel every time you land a new student.  That's way more stressful than it needs to be.

The best way to avoid all that hassle is to automate and systemize as soon as possible, and that starts with copy and paste new client templates you can simply tweak and send.

You'll want to include (at a minimum):

📎  A welcome letter

📎  A Contract

📎   Zoom for Parents Cheatsheet

📎 Media Release Form

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✔ Welcome Letter:  This will start off your journey with parent by setting the expectations.  Being clear right from the beginning will make you feel less frustrated.

✔  Payment Agreement form/contract: It's good to let people know how you take payments and when the client will be charged.

✔  Zoom for parents cheatsheet so that they know exactly how to work through any technological glitches they may encounter.

✔  Income/expense tracker so that when it comes to taxes, everything is in one place.

✔  Weekly lesson planner so that you know exactly what to teach during each session.

✔ Permission to videotape sessions in case you ever want to a use a testimonial or a sample session.

✔ Student registration form so that you know exactly where each of your students are from.

✔ Student inventory so that you can incorporate their interests in your lessons

✔  Onboarding checklist so that you remember to send all of the important documents to your clients when they are getting started.

✔ Initial Consulation Quck Guide that leads to the next step.

✔ Free Assessment Quick Guide that will allow you to share the data you have learned about the student and collect more data from the parent.

✔ Sales Conversation Quick Guide so that when you get a lead you can turn them into a tutoring client.

✔ One page business plan so that you can really plan out your business professionally instead of like a hobby.

✔  Tutor qualifications and Teaching Style so each of your clients feel comfortable hiring you as their tutor.

✔ Student at a Glance so that you can remember who they are and what you are specifically focusing on

✔  Invoice template so that all you have to do is enter in their information and send it to them.

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