10 Speakers, 1 Great Event

Specifically for Reading, Writing, and ESL Tutors


Experts from all over the world share how to 

  • Teach sight words using a multisensory approach
  • Close the reading gap a full year with 8-12 hours of instruction
  • Use Kindle E-book readers effectively
  • Increase comprehension using 5 impactful strategies
  • Create fluent readers
  • Grow as a professional with an accountability partner
  • Understand the Science of Teaching Reading 
  • Work with ESL students
  • and more...

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Joanne Kaminski 

Teaching Reading is Rocket Science: The Big Picture for Teaching Reading

Dr. Timothy Rasinski 

The Fluency Development Lesson – Effective Tutoring for Fluency and Proficient Reading


Esmy Lozano

Second Grade Students Who Struggle with Reading



Robin Carbajal

Accountability Partners: Learning and Growing Professionally Together


Amy Janjgave

Accountability Partners: Learning and Growing Professionally Together   


Elaine Lingard 

Supporting Struggling Readers with Writing and Spelling


Jennifer Orr 

Multisensory Approach to Teaching Sight Words using Eyewords

Brenda Brooks 

The 411 on Teaching Reading to ESL Students


Xavier Lasage Moretti 

Koala Platform: Enabling a Multisensory Approach to Teaching Reading


Cierra Harris

Dig Deeper with these 5 Impactful Comprehension Strategies


Joanne Kaminski 

How to Close the Reading Gap a Full Year with 8-12 Hours of Instruction 


Jessica Pezold 

How to Use the Kindle E-reader with your Online Reading Students.  



Jason Generally  

Virtual Tour of Raz-Plus and Scavenger Hunt (Fun prizes will be awarded)



Alison Parker  

Pedagogical Practices and Digital Tools Used by Online Tutors With Students in Grades K-5



Learn exactly how to improve your reading tutoring with the Science of Teaching Reading, Joanne Kaminski, and Learning A-Z.

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