New Year, New Math Conference

Would you like to learn how to make math easier for kids or adults?

We have been taught how to do math in a very complicated way.  It is time to turn our brains into a human calculator.  










This conference is for you, even if you don't teach math.

About 4 years ago a woman came to me needing help growing her online tutoring business.  She was frustrated with the current systems she was using and asked me to evaluate them so that I could guide her.

What I learned astounded me.  She was teaching kids how to turn their brains into human calculators.  I was shocked at the simplicity of her methods and immediately wanted to know more.

Today this same woman is one of the top paid tutors in India.  Her name is Sandhya Bajaj and she will be one of our main speakers for this conference.

In fact, this method was developed over in India thousands of years ago and allows people to do math from left to right, just like we read books.  Our brains were not wired to do math from right to left, which makes it difficult for us to hold onto the answer if we do it in our head.  

Whether you would like to turn your own brain into a human calculator or you would like to help kids struggling with math, then this conference is for you.  

It will be jammed packed with great content on January 16, 17, and 18.  


Tell Us What You Think, Are You Excited?