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Introducing Livestreaming Success: From Beginner to Pro


Did You Know that Video Content Gets the MOST Engagement on Facebook and that People Gaze at Video Five Times Longer than Static Content?




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Did You Know that Video Content Gets the MOST Engagement on Facebook and that People Gaze at Video Five Times Longer than Static Content?

Did you also know that in 2016 the VP for Facebook said, “5 years from now, your News Feed will be ‘probably all video’ says the service is seeing fewer text posts and predicts that the News Feed could be ‘all video’ in five years.”

Well shoot, right?

Think about it though…kids + teens consume so much content through video. They want to learn something, they go watch a video.

It’s the direction we’re going…and have been going for quite some time now. Facebook LOVES people who do livestreams!

And even more interesting, according to Buffer, “Video Is Largely Underutilized” on Facebook.

Which means that you can help your clients start cashing in on this trend now!

Joanne Kaminski created a planner that will guide you step by step through creating effective content that people will watch.  It is kind of like having a coach right by your side guiding you step by step without the hefty coaching price tag.


No more wondering what steps to take and how to get started.  Joanne personally leads you through everything that you need to take into consideration when you are livestreaming so that parents want to hire you for your tutoring services.


Joanne has done all the hard work for you, and she has made it super affordable so it’s easy on the wallet.


And because YOU get this planner sent directly to your inbox after purchasing, you can get started right away.  No need to wait until everyone has joined before you can get started.



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  • Get this do it yourself planner that will guide you step by step.




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  • Step by Step Planner
  • Videos that walk you through the process
  • Bonus videos on how to use OBS - A free broadcasting tool to go live on multiple platforms
  • Live Group Coaching Call with Joanne



Planner, Course, and Insider Secrets Club for the year

  • Everything that is included in advanced
  • 12 Courses released throughout the year - Think of it as paying for 4 classes and getting 8 free.
  • Weekly Group Mastermind Call
  • Facebook Group of dedicated online tutors
  • Weekly Live Question/Answer call

Mavis Musindo

Online Shona Tutor from Zimbabwe

This course equipped me to fully understand what it takes to do a livestream from beginning to end. I had done a few livestreams before but they were not planned out. Now I am aware of what I need to do before and during the live stream. I am also have learnt that livestreaming is a great tool to get my clients to know and trust me. As for the course it was well planned and executed. The workbook is great because I can always refer back to it anytime

Ana Martin

Online Latin Tutor from London

This course was perfect for my needs. There is a lot of information online about lives - and the tech needed! And it can get truly overwhelming. This course targeted exactly the aspects I needed to work on in order to appeal to my ideal audience, and it gave me the confidence to make lives part of my communication strategy.