All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Tutoring Business

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In this online course you will learn


Week 1: How to identify your ideal student and write a business plan that actually gets used.  This business plan will be a starting place for beginning to create a strategy for getting students.

Week 2: Get an accountability partner so that you can both motivate each other.  There are times when things won’t be easy, having an accountability partner will help you stay on track and keep going even when you want to quit.

Week 3: We will start learning about all the short term strategies we can implement with getting online tutoring students and taking action on getting those students.

Week 4: You will learn how to put systems on autopilot so that as you are onboarding your new students you can be doing it right the first time.

Week 5: You are going to learn how to get anyone to say yes to online tutoring.  Many people think that because someone says something negative about online tutoring that it must mean they only want in person tutoring, but this is false.  It is all in how you approach each and every student and I will be sharing with you my success formula that took me 4 years to develop.

Week 6: you will begin creating your website.  I have realized after coaching tutors over the past 7 years that the website is a sticky point for a lot of tutors.  And while I break down all of the steps for you, there are a lot of mental blocks that tutors have, so I don’t teach this strategy until we have cleared some of those mental blocks and we are ready. 

In Week 7 you will learn how to start and grow an email list so that as you become booked solid you can send an email out and another student raises their hand that they want to work with you.  Sometimes people need more time struggling before they are ready to move forward with a tutor. Not everyone is ready the first time they hear about you, so this will help you to build a relationship with you before they ever decide to hire you.

In our last week you will learn how to create a video on your website so that you stand out from the competition and give people a reason to hire you.  


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Bonus #1

Live Group Coaching - you will be assigned a group coach that will guide you on your journey of getting 1 online tutoring student.

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Bonus #2

Live Technology calls where you can practicing using the tech and get answers to how to use the tech.

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Key benefits from this course

  • Learn how to get leads for online tutoring.
  • Turn more leads into online tutoring students paying you what you are worth.
  • Be coached by other tutors who have walked the path of getting online tutoring students.
  • Put systems in place to run a smooth online tutoring business.
  • Create the referral train so that you can spend more time working with students and less time marketing.
  • Network with other online tutors.

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