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"The author speaks from her heart, giving tangible and sound advice. I highly recommend for doubters who think that quality instruction cannot be delivered virtually. I also recommend it for people (like me) who want to be able to bring their services to a wider range of people, regardless of the logistics that usually present stumbling blocks. Thanks, Joanne, for letting us in on your secrets!"


"I am a public school teacher. I work countless hours every week in a state that does not pay teachers well. This book explains how one woman changed her circumstances. The book gives the mechanisms that she used to establish her own online tutoring company. It is inspiring."


"This is the first book you will need to start your online tutoring business. I searched for hours looking for a good book to start and ultimately purchased 5 books regarding online teaching. Joanne's book blew them all away! She goes into very practical step-by-step instructions for developing the mindset of the business owner, how to provide exceptional services, how to set up your website, and provides numerous tools that can be used to make this entire process easier. It is clear that she has excellently distilled her years of experience into this one book."