3 Tips About Branding YOU can't Afford to Miss”

At last the secret to Branding for Online Tutors is Revealed

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Ready to Learn how to Really Market Your Online Tutoring Busines so you can Get Students From All Over The World?

Branding YOUniversity is a 6 week workshop to help you stand out like big companies like Starbucks without the big advertising fees.

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In this online course you will learn

  • Week one you will learn design 101 where you will not only learn about different fonts and font pairings.  Many tutors create images where you can’t read the font.  You learn which fonts are easiest to read online and which colors work well so that you can read them.  Also, you will learn how to create images that catch attention.


  • Week 2 you will learn about the color psychology and create your own logo so that when ever people see your content they know it came from you.  This makes it harder for people to steal your content and protects your assets.


  • Week 3 you will design a visually appealing freebie.  You will learn not only how to create this using tools like Canva, but any kind of document that you want to represent your business.  It can be worksheets that you could sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, or workbooks. 


  • Week 4 you will begin to understand how to design images specifically for Facebook.  You will learn how to create Facebook posts, a facebook cover for your business page, event banners and Facebook Groups. 


  • Next you will learn more about creating images for Instagram Stories in week 5. 


  • Last in week 6 you will be able to create images for your blog posts and Pinterest.  There are so many opportunities to create visuals  and brand yourself with this tool.  You will learn how to create pins, infographics and even video pins.


So... why are we sharing this with you now?  

Hi, we are 3 tutors that have started our business from scractch and personally seen the power of branding.

Each of us has a successful online tutoring business and together we have 16 years of expertise to share with you.  

Joanne has taught reading online for the past 10 years, Suzanne has taught acadmic writing online for the past 3 years, and Ashley has taught ESL and reading online for the past 3 years.

While we may not agree on everything (I mean who does) we do agree on one thing.

It is because of the time we have spent creating our brand that has made us stand out in a significant way to get students from all over the world.

With so much up in the air with our economy, we know that many tutors are struggling with how to get students.  

In fact...

Many of the websites that people used to use to get online tutoring students have turned into a comparison website for the cheapest tutors.  

The lowest bidder wins.

Sharing your price right out of the gate is not the best situation.

Yet, many of the sites like Wyzant and Tutors.com make you do that.  

When a tutor is judged based off their price and not their brand, it decreases their value.  

Tutors that learn how to brand themselves become recognized by people all over the world.

This makes it easier to charge more for your services because you will not need everyone to say yes.  You only need 10-30 students to say yes. 

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