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Finally!! A Way for Your Ideal Students to Find You

Many tutors are judged by the price they charge vs. the value they add.  They put themselves on tutoring lists and then wonder why they struggle with getting found.  

The answer is creating content.  

When you create content you build relationships with your readers.  These readers turn into fans and these fans turn into students.  

You begin gaining more reach and expand your business to students all over the world, working when you want and where you want.

The risk is minimal.  It takes time, but not a ton of cash.




Persuasive Emails That Get People Hiring You

Learn step by step how to write emails that will get people reading your content and taking the next step to hiring you.

2 Blogging Basics Videos

If you have never blogged before, don't worry Suzanne will catch you up by providing the basic information that will help you get started and feel more comfortable being part of a mastermind.

When YOU Join the Blogging Mastermind  You will...

  • Discover why some tutors are able to charge more and not compete based on price.

  • Determine the best marketing strategies to get your blog read

  • Finally become consistent with your blogging.

  • Rise to the top of the tutoring industry by providing value to your ideal student.

  • Be referred by people you have never met.
  • Build lasting relationships with other tutors.


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