You Can Close the Reading Gap Online a Full Year with 8-12 Hours of Instruction

Without Spending Hours on Lesson Planning

From the comfort of you home online

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Does any of this sound familiar?


You spend hours creating the perfect lesson plans. Yet no matter how much time you put in, your student just doesn't get what you’re teaching.

This leaves you having to constantly pivot or reteach.  


You put hours researching books and suggestions online to see how you can help your struggling student.


You remind your students to read in between sessions.


You provide separate assignments because the parent has asked for them. But you always get a big FAT no when you ask if they completed them.


You want to help, but if the kid isn't going to practice outside of the session, the parents aren’t going to do the extra assignments they specifically asked for and the school isn't providing additional services, how can you close the gap quickly?

You’re disappointed that you didn't learn how to teach reading in college.  


You feel the pressure to get more training but the sheer number of years you have to put in to it and the amount of money is weighing you down. 

It Can Feel LikeThere is So Much Against You

I get it, as a classroom teacher and reading specialist, my job always felt bigger than I could handle.  Now that I tutor reading online my job seems super simple and  I make more money teaching less hours.


Spending hours on lesson plans 

Reading every book about teaching reading 

Thinking about getting your Masters Degree

Contemplating Orton Gillingham training


As a classroom teacher for 10 years and an online reading tutor for 12, I completely understand.


I thought, if I just plan my lessons better this will help my students…


If I read every book I can get my hands on, then I will finally have all the answers


I went back to get my Masters and was left disappointed because I didn't know how to individualize instruction to get results quickly. 


I knew the importance of closing the gap early and quickly, I just didn't feel that I knew how to do that. 

That is when I discovered...

The Secret Formula 

I wish I knew the secret formula while was still in the school system, but I was so focused on doing as I was told that I wasn't able to see it.



Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and online reading tutor. But in reality, I am so much more than that.

I am the missing link in kids reading instruction.  Since I left the school system I discovered the freedom to step away from curriculum and hone in on what a child is struggling with in reading.

And you can do that to.  Skip the politics, do what's best for kids, and learn how to finally create individualized reading interventions for kids.  

You don't need a program.  You need to know the best teaching practices in teaching reading.  I have dedicated my life to reading research, books, and investing in trainings that finally allow me to get the results that kids deserve and I can help you do that as well.




Finally learn how to diagnose a students weaknesses and create a customized plan based on the biggest reading needs of that student.  This program includes:

  • Videos that get right to the point so you can implement them with your students.
  • Sneak peek into sessions with students to find out how to implement the strategies you learn.
  • Facebook group to connect with other tutors and teachers going through the program.
  • Powerpoints and resources that I have created over the years to teach different skills
  • Spelling lists to focus on discovering reading patterns.
  • Links to the best free and paid resources to use to teach reading online.
  • and more...

It’s time to take control of your learning about teaching reading and help your students get better results quickly.

In 6 Super Spectacular Modules (and Supplementary Material) I Reveal My Process of Taking Students From Struggling Reader to Proficient and/or Advanced.

I'm giving you my ENTIRE formula I created when I stepped out of the school system and into tutoring online. 


Start out the right way with an assessment so you can identify the gaps and get to business with your student.  In this module you will learn

  • The #1 assessment that takes 60 minutes or less to administer.
  • Diagnostic assessments so you can dive deeper into additional learning needs.
  • Assessment report template you can use with parents to reveal the results.


Phonemic Awareness, the missing link in reading that most dyslexics and beginning readers need.  

  • You will receive lesson plans to close the gap so your students can begin feeling successful in reading.
  • Be introduced to resources online that used to only be used in person that make processing sounds easier.       


Discover the 6 basic patterns that will allow kids to read 75% of the words they come across. The real secret revealed of how to break up big words that most kids are never taught.  

  • Skip the VCE language and instead learn fun rhymes to learn the 6 most common patterns.
  • Be introduced to YouTube videos kids will love that reinforce skills.
  • Learn how to create games that kids will love to play and will have you begging to play more.


Double your students vocabulary by focusing on the right words they need help with.

  • Learn the 4 levels of understanding and have kids identify their level.
  • Learn how to create personalized vocabulary worksheets in seconds with this cool tool.
  • Find out how songs can help kids remember even more words.





Deep dive into comprehension skills so your student can ace comprehension tests and say, “Yes, I did it.”

  • Identify the most common questions and how to teach the formula for answering each one.
  • Learn the difference between skills and strategies so you know what to teach before, during and after reading a passage.






Why most kids struggle with nonfiction comprehension and what you can do about it.

  • Identify exactly what makes reading nonfiction difficult and discover the one tool I use that makes kids think while they read and remember.
  • Discover 3 magic phrases to use with your students that will have them relying on themselves instead of you.
  • Dive deep into strategies that will help kids understand what they read and increase their knowledge.
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"I learned so much in this course and that is why I was able to attract so many clients and help their children believe in themselves and become confident readers. I highly recommend this course!"

Justine Forelli

"I took the reading interventionist program because I knew that Joanne had a lot of experience with teaching reading online. I was finishing a masters degree in dyslexia, but I had less confidence when working with students who could read fairly well but had problems with comprehension. I knew that Joanne would give me ideas that would help me with the students who needed help with comprehension.  I was not disappointed."

Darci Zieglar

Looking for bonuses?   

Here is what you get if you sign up today...

Phonics Scope and Sequence 

$50 Value

With this tool, you can...

  • Stop relying on a program to determine what needs to be taught.
  • Know that you are following a systematic approach
  • Understand which skills your student has mastered so you can focus on closing the gap faster.
  • Create fun games in Wordwall that help your student practice skills in a hands-on way.

Replay of Opportunity Conference

$1997 Value

This conference featured speakers like...

  • Dr. Timothy Rasinski who shared his powerful fluency strategy that can easily be implemented online.
  • Dr. Jennifer Orr talked about how to use a multisensory approach to teaching sight words.
  • Dr. Allison Parker revealed her study findings of what is most important to reading tutors that teach online.

2 Months of Insider Secrets Club Free

$150 Value

  • Learn strategies to market your tutoring business.
  • Ask questions about teaching reading.
  • Join a mastermind team to learn how to blog, use Instagram, and create powerful videos.
  • Be invited to an exclusive Facebook Group of tutors that are dedicated to taking their tutoring business to the next level..

5 Full Video Lessons

$1000 Value

  • Know exactly how to implement the strategies with students.
  • See how kids react to learning these strategies.
  • Not just see what, but see how.
  • Feel more confident that you can teach these strategies.
  • Rewatch and analyze for a deeper understanding.

5 Lesson Plan Template

$197 Value

With these templates you will..

  • Save time knowing exactly what to focus on.
  • Create a routine and pattern to your lessons so kids know exactly what is coming next.
  • Easily print or save as a new file in each of your students folder.
  • Be prepared without the overwhelm so you can work with more students.


Together All these bonuses and the Reading Interventionist Program Add Up to...

$4,391 Value

But you are not going to have to pay that.

The Reading Interventionist usually costs $979.


You will receive an automatically applied coupon to purchase everything for just $797.  


There is even a  payment plan available that will save you $100.  


Choose the plan that works best for you.



If you feel that the only way you can teach reading is through a program that walks you through step by step each days lessons, this will not be the program for you.

Some of the resources that I suggest are cheap, but require a subscription.  I personally see this as an investment in your business.  I will show you how to use these tools, but if you struggle with investing in your business and are expecting all of those resources to be given this is not the program for you.  I will personally share everything I have created at no additional cost, but suggestions of other assessments that I do not have the rights to or resources available online for a small fee will not be included.

If you are a foreign language teacher curious about how students learn, but do not teach English reading, then this course is not for you.

If you struggle with implementing new ideas and argue against every idea that is suggested, you may struggle with this course.  All kids can learn to read and the strategies that I use really do work quickly with kids.  


  1. Reading Interventionist Course - This includes videos, powerpoints, downloads, spelling lists, and so much more.
  2. Facebook Group for support so you can ask any question you have as you take part in the program.
  3. Replay of Opportunity Featuring Timothy Rasinski the Fluency God
  4. Phonics scope and sequence to ensure you are teaching everything that needs to be taught in a sequential manner.
  5. Lesson plan templates that make individualized instruction possible without the wasted hours in planning
  6. Taped sessions with students so you can see how to put the pieces of the program together.
  7. 2 months free to my exclusive group featuring amazing tutors from around the world where you can join me live for additional trainings and masterminds with top coaches.


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Reading Interventionist Course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund.

If you're familiar with my work and have interacted with me before, you know that I  always attempt to over deliver with my content and service to subscribers. 

I assure you the same with this course.  

As you work through the material, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need extra  help.  

I also understand that there are a several products out there that may have left you with  a less than thrilled experience. 

While I can guarantee you won't have such an experience with this course, here are  details on the refund policy just so that we're on the same page. 

By purchasing the Reading Interventionist, you agree to the following policy:  

If you watch the program, go through the material and are still not satisfied after 14  days, I'll refund your full payment as long as you fulfill the refund qualifications:  

To qualify for a refund, you will need to: 

  1. Provide a reason why you are dissatisfied with the course; and 
  2. If you feel that the course does not deliver on it's promise, map out the course against  the sales page to show what you feel it does not deliver on.

In other words, I can't grant a refund just because you changed your mind. Please make sure that you do, indeed want a copy of the course before purchasing.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Reading Interventionist Program. 

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