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5-7 points - 33% - 46%

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8-11 points - 53% to 73%

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I'm Joanne Kaminski


After stepping away from the school system, I started on my business adventure. It was a journey filled with fear, doubt and a sense of the unknown. I questioned whether I could truly succeed outside the confines of the education system that I had grown accustomed to.

I tried my hand at starting five different businesses, but unfortunately, none of them aligned with my true passion. Teaching is where my heart lies. I thrive on witnessing those magical "aha" moments when students grasp a concept, and being able to help them succeed brings me immense joy.

Today, I not only have the privilege of working with my own students, but I also have the opportunity to coach tutors who are navigating the various stages of building their tutoring businesses, just as I once did. I have experienced significant growth in my own business, progressing from Stage 1 to Stage 6. In fact, there have been months where I've achieved remarkable milestones, making a whopping (cue the drum roll) 30K! It's mind-boggling, right? I mean, that's what I used to earn while teaching in the classroom and I made it in just one month.

My ultimate goal is to alleviate your fears, overwhelm, perfectionism, and burnout. I want to empower you to make more money and find fulfillment in your tutoring business. Together, let's embark on this exhilarating game. Are you ready to join me?


Startup Stage

0 - 2K Monthly

Congratulations on starting and growing your tutoring business! Here's a checklist to help you identify the steps you need to have in place for a successful start. Unlock the complete checklist by downloading it below:

  • Shift your mindset: Acknowledge that you can succeed in the tutoring industry and overcome the perception of oversaturation. Believe in your ability to attract and retain students.

  • Identify your passion: Embrace the excitement of starting a business and following your passion for helping students learn and grow. Remember the joy you feel when witnessing those "aha" moments.

  •  Focus on essentials: Prioritize the necessary steps to launch your business instead of getting caught up in non-essential tasks. Avoid spending time and money on items like logos, business cards, or ads until you have students.

  • Start without delay: Begin tutoring as soon as possible, offering subjects you are qualified for. Don't wait for all the pieces to be in place—students are your priority, and they can be acquired even without an elaborate setup.

  • Understand your ideal client: Determine who your ideal tutoring client is to better price your services. This will help you avoid undercharging and ensure you attract students who value your expertise.

  • Develop a quick business plan: Create a one-page business plan outlining your goals, strategies, and target market. While funding may not be required, a simple plan will provide direction and clarity for your business.

  • Explore tutoring platforms: Take note of other tutors on platforms like Wyzant or, but don't let their low rates discourage you. Investigate their strategies, but remember that pricing and success vary across different tutoring models.

  • Embrace flexibility: Envision the benefits of a tutoring career—flexible schedules, the freedom to work from home or travel, and more quality time with loved ones. Keep these aspirations in mind as you build your business.

  • Overcome fears: Address concerns about not getting enough students or replacing your income. Take proactive steps to market your services, offer quality tutoring, and build a strong reputation to overcome these fears.

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Growth Stage

2K - 6K Monthly

Congratulations on starting and growing your tutoring business! Here's a checklist to help you identify the steps you need to have in place for a successful start. Unlock the complete checklist by downloading it below:

  • Embrace your passion: Acknowledge the joy and fulfillment you experience from doing what you love every day. Remember that you have the opportunity to continue this fulfilling career for as long as you desire.

  • Evaluate student load: Assess your current student capacity and consider whether you have the bandwidth to take on more students. Recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and ensure you don't compromise the quality of your tutoring.

  • Seek efficiency and delegation: Evaluate your workload and explore ways to streamline tasks and free up your time. Consider outsourcing or delegating certain administrative or marketing responsibilities to focus more on tutoring and student results.

  • Maintain client satisfaction: Continuously strive to ensure that your students are achieving the results their parents expect. Provide personalized attention, track progress, and communicate regularly with parents to address any concerns or questions.

  • Balance flexibility and workload: Revisit your initial desire for freedom and flexibility. Identify areas where you may be overworking and find ways to optimize your schedule to create more balance. Remember, your business should support your desired lifestyle.

  • Implement effective marketing strategies: Maintain consistent marketing efforts to attract new students. Leverage word-of-mouth referrals, online platforms, and targeted advertising to reach potential clients. Consider exploring social media marketing or collaborating with complementary businesses.

  • Invest in professional development: Continuously enhance your tutoring skills by seeking professional development opportunities. Explore coaching, courses, or workshops that can help you elevate your tutoring techniques, expand your subject expertise, or develop your business acumen.

  • Overcome inconsistency: Address the fluctuating nature of student inquiries and enrollments. Prepare for periods of higher and lower demand by building a strong referral network, implementing proactive marketing strategies, and diversifying your services if necessary.

  • Set financial goals: Dream of financial freedom and plan for it. Create milestones to eliminate debt and save for significant purchases. Set targets for increasing your income and explore strategies for expanding your tutoring business, such as creating online courses or hiring additional tutors.

  • Conquer future uncertainties: Overcome fears of potential gaps in your schedule or decreased demand in the future. Continuously adapt and innovate to stay relevant in the market. Seek new opportunities, explore different tutoring models, and stay proactive in meeting evolving student needs.

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Scale Stage

6K - 20K Monthly

Congratulations on reaching the scale stage of your tutoring business, earning between $6,000 and $20,000 a month! Here's a checklist to help you navigate this exciting phase and take your business to new heights. Download the complete checklist below for detailed guidance on each step.

  • Address hiring concerns: Overcome doubts about hiring other tutors. Develop a comprehensive hiring process, including rigorous screening, interviews, and reference checks, to ensure that you find qualified tutors who align with your standards and values.

  • Explore course creation: Consider creating courses as a way to leverage your expertise and generate additional income. Research market demand, identify knowledge gaps, and develop high-quality courses that address specific student needs.

  • Expand revenue streams: Look beyond one-on-one tutoring and explore additional ways to monetize your expertise. Consider selling tutoring materials, study guides, or online resources to create passive income streams that complement your services.

  • Streamline operations: Implement systems and processes to streamline your business operations as you scale. This includes optimizing scheduling, invoicing, and communication methods to ensure efficient management of both tutors and students.

  • Evaluate coaching programs: Be cautious when investing in coaching programs that promise high results. Research thoroughly, seek testimonials, and consider the program's alignment with your business goals before making a financial commitment.

  • Set clear expectations: Clearly define your expectations and standards when working with other tutors. Provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and regular evaluations to ensure they deliver the same level of quality and results as you do.

  • Learn from successful tutors: Study the strategies and approaches of tutors who have achieved 10K and 20K months. Analyze their marketing tactics, service offerings, and client management techniques to identify insights that can be applied to your own business.

  • Pursue scalability: Develop a scalable business model that allows for continued growth. Explore opportunities to reach a broader audience, such as expanding into online tutoring, partnering with schools or organizations, or developing franchise opportunities.

  • Align personal and financial goals: Dream of financial abundance and how it can positively impact your life and the lives of your loved ones. Set specific financial targets and create a roadmap to achieving them, whether it's paying for your children's education or reaching a specific income milestone.

  • Overcome fears and doubts: Address concerns about maintaining your reputation, course sales, and competition in the market. Focus on delivering value, ensuring high-quality offerings, and continuously refining your marketing and business strategies.

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