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Lesson 1: The One Page Business Plan

This is what professional tutors do

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Lesson #2: The Empathy Chart

Learn how to get inside of your ideal clients head so that you can sound like you are speaking directly to them and not trying to sell yourself..


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Lesson 3: See Examples of Other Tutors Creating an Empathy Chart

Joanne works with tutors individually to help tutors use the empathy chart for their ideal student.


I Don't Know How to Get Students

Now you can learn step by step how

Have you found yourself saying this.  I know how to tutor, but I have no idea where to get students.  Maybe you are thinking of adding online tutoring to the mix or completely switching to an online model.  Either way, the problem is the same.

Where do you get students.  Have you noticed that some people start going on certain websites and listing their tutoring services for cheap prices?  This is a lose lose strategy and not one that I teach.

In fact, I teach something entirely different.  I teach you how to attract your ideal client to you so that it feels like they found you on accident.  Except that it isn't an accident.  Everything is planned on your part.  I give you the secrets, you impletment them and then you get found.  It really is that easy.

Why should you listen to me?

If this is the first time you have heard about me, let me introduce myself.  My name is Joanne Kaminski.  I have been tutoring struggling readers since 2010 and helping tutors start and grow their online tutoring business since 2012.

I was a classroom teacher that was frustrated with the politics of the school system and a mom missing her kids when I got started.  I left the school to pursue my new dream of being a work at home mom.  

My first year was rough and I tried 5 businesses that I failed at.  As soon as I started tutoring online I knew I had found my dream job and today I teach tutors how to run their online tutoring business and get the amount of students they want to live the life of their dreams.  

I have made over half a million dollars in this industry and have learned all the secrets to creating a business that runs on autopilot instead of you having to run your business.

The Real Solution

You know that you want more students, but that is an outcome. I teach you steps 1-5 to make it happen. Don't feel comfortable with effective social media marketing? No problem. Struggling with creating a website or an email list? I have you covered. Sick of listening to other marketing gurus that have solutions that don't work in our industry? Then you are in the right place.

Effective Systems

Learn systems that put your tutoring business on autorpilot right from the start.

Be Supported

You need support from a community of like minded individuals running a successful online tutoring business.  With daily calls and an active Facebook group, now you can.

Get Students

Without students you have no business.  Learn how to attract them instead of finding them one by one.

"Joanne knows the tutoring business inside and out, and she shares all of that knowledge with tutors. I've had the pleasure of knowing Joanne for several years, during which I have consumed every piece of content she produces and been a member of the Insider Secrets Club. I have learned so much, and made friends with tutors all over the world. Above all, I was impressed with Joanne's ability to coach and mentor tutors in sales, marketing, and what it takes to run a tutoring business. "

Lisa Vicino
Online Math Tutor

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