Can You Spot if a Student has Dyslexia?

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Hi, I'm Joanne Kaminski


I am a reading specialist with over 22 years of experience working with dyslexic children.  When I started tutoring online, most parents did not know if their child had dyslexia because most schools are abysmal at diagnosing this learning difference.  I created the screener to get answers for myself without forcing parents to get an MRI or a neuro-psych evaluation.  I could inform the parent of the next steps of getting diagnosed if this was the parent's choice while giving their child explicit and systematic phonics instruction immediately. 

This screener has also worked for Esmy Lozano who says, "I can quickly pinpoint my students strengths and weaknesses."

You will also be able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your students. You will quickly identify if dyslexia is an underlying factor and determine appropriate instruction based on the results.

Why Screening Helps you as a Tutor

When you know that a student is at-risk for dyslexia you have the ability to provide appropriate instruction.  You don't have to wait months or years to get the data you need to help the child.

Reading tutoring should never be a guessing game.  No more guessing.  When I get a student and I begin to see red flags that dyslexia could be the problem, I now have a tool that is spot on to see if dyslexia could be what is hindering a student.  This allows me to dive deep into phonics and make sure the student has explicit instruction that will get them success quickly.


Keep Reading to Determine Important Elements in a Screener

Not everyone can afford an MRI to determine if a child has dyslexia.  Other screeners can be extremely pricey, up to $500.  

 A screener should  

1.  Be affordable - Putting a steep price on an assessment can hold kids back from getting screened.

2.  Include a Phonological Assessment - Phonology refers to an individual’s awareness of the sound structure of words. 

3. Test memory, processing speed, and sequencing - A professional assessment will examine auditory sequential memory, visual memory and working memory so a screener should do the same.

4.  Research Based - To ensure that the results are accurate the screening tool should have been developed by experienced and qualified professionals and be underpinned with evidence-based research.


You’re just a few steps away from knowing if your student is at risk for dyslexia.  Don't let the slow school system or a resistant parent stop you from gaining clarity and providing the most appropriate instruction. 

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  • Student tracking sheet
  • Google slides for administration
  • PPT slides for administration
  • One page checklist to share data with school or doctor
  • Video walkthrough on how to administer the test and talk to the parent

What do tutors think of this screener?


"If you are looking for an easy-to-administer assessment tool, Joanne’s Dyslexia Screener is the tool you need"

-Esmy Lozano

 Best Online Reading Tutor


"Joanne’s Dyslexia Screener can help to identify students at risk for dyslexia and/or other reading difficulties."

-Katherine (Kareema) Dickens

 Academic Language Therapist


The screener allowed me to see exactly where their gaps are and what my lessons need to be comprised of. 

-Dana Monique

 Online Reading Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

Alexa Imwalle, Online Reading Tutor

Joanne's Dyslexia Screener has been an integral part of my evaluations of struggling readers since I began my tutoring business. Often parents are curious as to why their child is struggling to read and having the screener available to use during my initial assessments gives me the opportunity to evaluate the student's foundational reading skills and determine if Dyslexia may be the cause of the student's difficulties. It is an extremely valuable tool that guides my instruction with every student.