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Often times tutors feel guilty about charging a ton of money for tutoring services.  Some feel that because it is easy for them and it is a God given talent that they shouldn't charge that much.  They go onto tutor portals and see how little those tutors are charging and think that in order to compete that they need to charge less. 

But this is not true.  STOP hanging out where you need to compete for jobs and instead be found as an expert in your fleld. 

You will attract your ideal student to you, get more requests, get more parents saying yes, and make more money doing what you love.  But you need to follow this system, without this system you will make every mistake that every tutor before you has made. 

STOP reinventing the wheel and join a guaranteed system that has worked for hundreds of other tutors.

Joane Has Made over $500,000 Tutoring Reading Online

I started teaching in the school system at a charter school in Milwaukee, WI.  After 3 years I went for my Masters as a Reading Specialist and became the Reading Curriculum Coordinator.  After a serious health condition, 9 years of service, and a longing for my kids, I left the school system to become a work at home mom.  

I was frustrated when I got started because companies would pay tutors a very low rate and I knew I was worth more.  I decided to go solo and have completely replaced my income by tutoring online.  

When I was getting started there were only a few other online tutors and they were so busy they didn't have time to answer my millions of questions.  I have since made it my life's purpose to help other only tutors in this journey whether they are looking to tutor a couple students or want to replace their income as well.  

I believe that teachers and tutors deserve to get paid what they are worth and I teach you how to charge more, create more value for your ideal client, and get found by people all over the world. 

Want to learn from someone who has had a ton of success in this industry?

The Real Solution

You know that you want more students, but that is an outcome. I teach you steps 1-5 to make it happen. Don't feel comfortable with effective social media marketing? No problem. Struggling with creating a website or an email list? I have you covered. Sick of listening to other marketing gurus that have solutions that don't work in our industry? Then you are in the right place.

Effective Systems

Learn systems that put your tutoring business on autorpilot right from the start.

Be Supported

You need support from a community of like minded individuals running a successful online tutoring business.  With daily calls and an active Facebook group, now you can.

Get Students

Without student you have no business.  Learn how to attract them instead of find them one by one.

"Joanne Kaminski is a great online tutor coach. Before I knew Joanne, I struggled with starting my online tutoring business. In the Insider Secrets Club Joanne guided me through every step I needed to take. She is a fabulous teacher, and now I'm more organized and prepared for everything from tutoring to networking."

Online Academic Writing Tutor

The Insider Secrets Club

This is a group of dedicated online tutors that want to learn how to build an effective online tutoring business even if they have never taught online before.

Create a Website that Gets you Hired

The biggest mistake that tutors make when making a website is making the website all about them, the tutor.  They list all of their credentials, experience, schooling, and what makes them passionate about teaching.  In fact just about every tutor says that they love those lightbulb moments or those aha moments.  

To the parent this website sounds like blah, blah, blah.  I teach you how to use language that let's the parent know you are the right tutor for their child.  Stop looking like everyone else and stand out as an experienced tutor that gets the specific needs of their child.

Put Getting Students on Autopilot

Learn how to create a funnel that gets parents finding you accidentally so that you don't have to go out there and find students everytime you need one.  

You will learn how to create an online presence that sets you apart as an expert instead of someone who is willing to compete with someone that is looking for the lowest bidder.  

You will be able to charge more money, keep more monety, and collect money all on autopilot.


Put Systems on Autopilot

As you begin to grow your business, the strategies you make up on your own in the beginning may not be very efficient as you get more students.  I teach you practices that will make your business easy to run whether you have 5 students or 35 students.  

You Get these Bonuses FREE

These free bonuses are embedded in the program so you can easily access them at the right time.

Scripts to Get Parents to Say YES to Online Tutoring [$97}

Learn how to turn in person students into online students and how to suggest the idea of online tutoring in an appealing way so that he or she starts off online.


Websites that Win [$197}

Most tutors have no clue what to put on their website.  You will get access to this class that teaches you not only what to write but also gives you free templates you can can use to state your policy and frequently asked questions.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the resources and the community within 1 month, you can leave us before your subscription renews.  But my thinking is that you probably won’t want to do that because the referral connections you will make and the continued education that you will keep learning will prove to be so valuable that you won’t want to do that.  


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