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Find out what happens when you take the right actions, at the right time, supported by the right community when starting or growing your online tutoring business.


Instead of OVERWHELM...

  You’ll have one clear mission to get one student in 10 weeks or less.

Instead of feeling CONFUSED...

You will know exactly what actions to take and when to take them.

Instead of FEELING STUCK...

You’ll experience constant wins that build your confidence and lead to even bigger wins.

Instead of FRUSTRATION...

You will learn about the challenges all online tutors face and have a way of  accepting or overcoming them.

Instead of ISOLATION…

You will be part of an engaged community, get an accountability partner, and receive feedback for support.

"I didn't realize how great and helpful the videos/assignments would be, but they totally are. I feel like in two weeks, I have grown and learned more than I have in 6 months on my own. "

Eileen Kelly
Math and Science Tutor

The Secret to Growing your Online Tutoring Business...

so that you can stop paying big percentages of your profit to Greedy Tutoring Companies.

It is really easy to sign up with companies like Wyzant. 

They tell you that signing up with them is the "effective way to build and manage your online tutoring business."  


This is a lie.

The real secret is to stop going where all of the other tutors are.  

See, what begins to happen is that tutors begin competing on price. 

They don't specifically learn how to market their services and they rely on all of the traffic from Wyzant to magically give them clients.

When tutors don't get students, they begin to say that the market is oversaturated or that people don't need tutors in the areas that they tutor.

They say that people don't want to pay what they charge.

The REAL problem

is that tutors stop learning about what actions to take and they allow companies like Wyzant to take 25% commission on each of their clients.

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Proof that following a step by step experience product like the Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass really works

Joanne Kaminski has been helping tutors get found, hired and referred since 2012.


Tutors didn't always get results in the beginning and it was frustrating.  Joanne wanted to see other tutors succeed the way that she had, but they had things that were holding them back.  

Things they didn't even know existed.

As soon as Joanne created the Jumpstart Masterclass and switched the program from being videos and support calls to what it is today, tutors slowly being given content, working with a team and a group coach,  getting live tech help, with a mix of friendly competition the results were incredible. 

You will have to keep going to find out what those results were.

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The Lack of Tutors Supporting each other motivated Joanne to do things differently.

When I first got started, I began reaching out to other tutors, but they really didn't seem interested in helping me.

They had their own online tutoring business to run.

It was lonely getting started and I realize that I could be the person that changed that.

I made a promise that if I figured out how to effectively tutor online and get booked solid, then I would help other tutors do the same thing.

In just 2 years I reached that mission.  

I began walking tutors through the same process that I walked through.

What I didn't realize was how different tutors learn.  I didn't apply best teaching practices and figured that tutors would just repeat what I did and magically get results.

Some did, some didn't and this inspired me to learn more about the brain, success, and how to help others take action.


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Humans learn best when they are not actually trying to “Learn”

In fact...

When it feels like a game

We are more likely to stick with it.

In a game, there are certain elements that make it fun.  You get to...

  • Choose your avatar.
  • Track your results
  • Move up to the next level
  • Compete
  • Rack up points
  • Earn rewards

As soon as I began turning my step by step process into a game using these elements...

Tutors got results.




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What Happended Next, Blew my Socks Off

30 tutors got over 165 students in 8 weeks.  


I know it sounds too good to be true. But it happened.

In fact, Kimberly Getchske, our Tutorpreneur Hero ended up getting 24 students in 8 weeks.

And Rachel Berntsen ended up getting 9 new students.  

And Christina Alliance ended up getting 13 new students.

 So what made the difference for them?

I am ready to get started

"Before I started with the Jumpstart Program, my acquisition of new students was inconsistent. I used to only get 1-2 new students a month. After I participated in the Jumpstart Program, I started acquiring 1-2 new students every week! I highly recommend tutors join the Jumpstart Masterclass because it will show you, step by step, how to create a successful online tutoring business."

Rachel Berntsen
ESL and Reading Comprehenison Tutor

The Doors will Close

Friday at Midnight









"I want to say a big thank you for everyone in the Jumpstart tutoring program who has been so supportive these past three weeks! An unexpected blessing when checking my social media and email from my 3 week hiatus is 60 tutoring requests! I had to count and check them again and cried with disbelief. If you are at all considering doing this program, DO IT! You will get results and it will change your life. "

Kimberly Getschke
ESL Tutor

"Before I started the Jumpstart Program I was overwhelmed trying to implement all the great things I needed to have in place to efficiently run my online tutoring business. During this time I was able to get things in place and actually be able to ring the bell that I got my first 4 students :-) Everything I learned was and is invaluable!! If you are considering starting an online tutoring business you NEED to take the Jump Start Program!"

Kathy Cousineau
Tutor for kids with Learning Disabilities

"Before I started the Jumpstart Program, I was getting discouraged by the lack of students after 4 months of being in business and was a bit overwhelmed by what I needed to do to grow my business and the plethora of information available. The Jumpstart program helped me to know where to start, what to do next, and what wasn't important to focus on just yet."

Christina Alliance
Online Math Tutor

"Before I started with the Jumpstart Program, I was really overwhelmed by the ongoing to-do list I had created for my brand new tutoring business. I was tutoring in-person and was having problems with the amount of commuting I was having to do. I was struggling with last minute cancellations, and not being paid for my commute time. After I completed the Jumpstart Program I felt well-equipped to make the move from in-person to online. "

Lauren Smith
Online Math Tutor

What is Included in the Jumpstart Your Online Tutoring Business Masterclass

Weekly Teaching Videos

Videos will be dripped out to you 2 x a week to keep you from getting overwhelmed, but learning at good pace.

Group Coach

Each tutor will receive a group coach based on a time that works for them.  You will meet weekly and get support as you go through the program.

Tech Support

Our Tech Guy, Sam Dimercurio will walk you through all of the tricky tech involved with starting your online tutoring business.  You will get to practice using the tech and get your tech questions answered.

Facebook Group

You will be able to connect with the other members that joined the group through a Facebook group.  Ask questions, motivate each other, and get support as you go through the program.

Google Classroom

Your team will have a Google Classroom where you will submit assignments.  Coaches will use submitted assignments to give feedback during group coaching calls.

Results Guarantee

If you take the actions suggested in the program, watch the videos, and do the assignments and do not get a student, you will get your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is 8 weeks of content in 10 weeks.  There will be a break built in to give people time to catch up.

This is exactly why I have a results guarantee.  If you do not get results and you have watched the videos, done the assignments, and come to the calls, you will be refunded your money.  

I am that positive that you will  get results that I am willing to put money on it.  

Absolutely.  You will have the videos for life.  


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