You Need Book Your Online Tutoring Business Solid

If you are interested in getting more online tutoring students, then you do not want to miss this course.


Get Clients

You can't have a business without clients, so this program will give you steps you can take to get clients online.  

Sell your Services

Many of us know how to teach, but we know very little about the sales process.  I will teach you the exact system that I use to get 95% of the people in my funnel to say YES to online tutoring.

Page 1 of Google

Many people don't like to see their money drain away, but if you pay for advertising on Google that is what will happen.  What if I could teach you how to get on page one of Google and stay there?  I can and it is my #1 strategy to staying booked solid.

So much to learn

It feels like there is so much to learn when we are just getting started. It can feel overwhelming. What if you had only the strategies that worked for actual online tutors? This is exactly what this program does. It shows you step by step how to get clients, keep clients, get referrals, and continue to book your online tutoring business so that you never need to get another job again.

My name is Joanne Kaminski and I have been tutoring online since 2010.  The methods that I use today to get clients may be a little different than when I first got started, but they continue to work.

Why waste your time with people that are not in the industry that will claim to help you get clients, when they don't know anything about our ideal clients.

Not all strategies work with every industry.  I am excited to share with you what has worked for me and over 1500 other online tutors in the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors on Facebook.  

Get the program Book Your Online Tutoring Business Solid

If you are serious about tutoring online, then you need this program.


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